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Mayo vs Miracle Whip

Another one of life’s big decisions when it comes about food is Mayo vs Miracle Chip. Of course because of their shape. They look the same but actually the fact is they are different quite a bit as far as sweetness and calories or fat are concerned in our body. In this article is how… Read More »

Serrano vs Oak Hills

Meat is one of the food ingredients which is often consumed. The meat is indeed the most tasty dishes, but notice the quality of the meat when purchased. The more fresh the flesh, the more delicious dishes we produce. We know that meat is composed of some sort, there are chicken, beef, sheep, swine, goats,… Read More »

Farina vs Grits

Have you heard about Farina and Grits especially if you are southern people and like Indian food too? These are kind of cereals for your breakfast with the addition of any other foods to make the taste is not boring. The main ingredients might be different since Grits is made by corn and Farina is… Read More »

Mayo vs Butter

If you’re on a diet program or healthy living patterns, you guys must be very selective in the choice of food for daily intake. As well as topping or sauce that used to eat bread or salad. Do you like mayonnaise or butter? Each of them has advantages both in terms of taste as well… Read More »

Mayonnaise vs Hollandaise

Trying to learn to steer through the world of sauce, and add lots of arrows to your culinary vibrate: the choice of sauce can change the amount of ingredients into a number of noble dishes. The best guarantor of happy diners is egg-based sauce. Thickness, cream, and with its delicious kicks that cause the mouth… Read More »

rBST Free Milk vs Organic Milk

If we talk about rBST, the actual name is recombinant Bovine Somatotrophin. This is a growth hormone that has been modified from normal BST growth hormone using recombinant DNA process so that cows injected with it can produce more milk than what would be considered in normal condition or daily, even for a dairy cow… Read More »

Perrier vs Tonic Water

Carbonated liquids are indeed very nice to drink, especially on a hot summer day. Chugging the bubbly water down your throat feels very refreshing. However, soda and carbonated drinks have become one of the major contributing factors to the nationwide obesity problem. That is not very surprising if you are aware that most carbonated drinks… Read More »

Mozzarella vs Feta

The world of cheese can be somewhat intimidating to navigate. Perhaps just like wine. There are various different types of cheese, and they may vary by the country of origin, type of milk, cooking concerns, time taken to age, and tasting notes. With so many different types of cheese available, a beginner can get confused… Read More »

Dead Sea Salt vs Epsom Salt

Many people have asked about whether Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt are the same. They have also asked whether these types of salt are actually edible. Of course, both Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt are mostly popular as bath salts. A bath salt is mixed into your bath water to provide therapeutic effects… Read More »

Quinoa vs Couscous

Indeed, Quinoa and Couscous sound alike, in a way that they are both difficult to pronounce. Interestingly, people who are not familiar with either of the two will also find that Quinoa and Couscous look very similar to each other. They are both small and mostly round. Thus, they are often mistaken for each other.… Read More »