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Mayo vs Miracle Whip

Another one of life’s big decisions when it comes about food is Mayo vs Miracle Chip. Of course because of their shape. They look the same but actually the fact is they are different quite a bit as far as sweetness and calories or fat are concerned in our body. In this article is how… Read More »

Serrano vs Oak Hills

Meat is one of the food ingredients which is often consumed. The meat is indeed the most tasty dishes, but notice the quality of the meat when purchased. The more fresh the flesh, the more delicious dishes we produce. We know that meat is composed of some sort, there are chicken, beef, sheep, swine, goats,… Read More »

Mayo vs Butter

If you’re on a diet program or healthy living patterns, you guys must be very selective in the choice of food for daily intake. As well as topping or sauce that used to eat bread or salad. Do you like mayonnaise or butter? Each of them has advantages both in terms of taste as well… Read More »

Mayonnaise vs Hollandaise

Trying to learn to steer through the world of sauce, and add lots of arrows to your culinary vibrate: the choice of sauce can change the amount of ingredients into a number of noble dishes. The best guarantor of happy diners is egg-based sauce. Thickness, cream, and with its delicious kicks that cause the mouth… Read More »

Quinoa vs Couscous

Indeed, Quinoa and Couscous sound alike, in a way that they are both difficult to pronounce. Interestingly, people who are not familiar with either of the two will also find that Quinoa and Couscous look very similar to each other. They are both small and mostly round. Thus, they are often mistaken for each other.… Read More »

Hard Salami vs Dry Salami

Salami is ridiculously delicious. This cured, spiced sausage is loved by many people. Even though salami is not exactly the healthiest food choice that you can make, considering the high amounts of calorie, fat, and sodium, salami is still many people’s favorite. However, salami is not entirely bad because it is also a good source… Read More »

Almonds vs Pecans

Nuts are a good source of energy for the body because they contain a variety of important nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Health experts say that there are many types of nuts that can be chosen as a healthy snack for daily consumption, between them Almonds vs Pecans which is already… Read More »

Gelato vs Ice Cream

With a full summer, many of us turn to our favorite frozen food for dessert. But while picking between Gelato vs Ice Cream, you may be wondering which one is the healthiest. If you are curious, we give you an explanation of these two delicious foods. Gelato Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream.… Read More »

Frozen Yogurt vs Ice Cream

Ice cream is a sweet snack that became a favorite of many people, ranging from small children to adults. With its sweet taste, soft texture, and cold sensation, ice cream is the right choice when the weather is very hot. Unfortunately, many people are forced to avoid ice cream because of its sugar and fat… Read More »

Stromboli vs Calzone

Talking about stromboli vs calzone, that a calzone is shaped like a half moon and is basically a pizza turned over while a stromboli is more tubular or loaf like and is filled with ricotto instead of mozzarella and no marinara. Here’s a further explanation of these two delicious foods. Stromboli Stromboli is closer to… Read More »