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Ashwagandha vs Tongkat Ali

Until this day most people still rely on traditional medicines or herbal remedies. Many elements are used for the production of modern medicine derived from plants in the vicinity. There are several herbal remedies that grow only on the area of habitats and can be found only in that area only. The so called “herbal”… Read More »

Chorizo vs Salami

Eat the most delicious indeed sausage along with bread or rice. Can be used as a side dish or snack. Generally made from beef, chickens and goats. The taste is savory and tender, chewy textured. In Europe there is a sausage that tastes spicy. Processed meat this one made from the meat finely chopped plus… Read More »

Bojangles vs KFC

Fast food or fast food is known for its choice, especially for those living in urban areas. Not had time to cook at home because of the flurry of reasons are quite reasonable. There is also a select restaurant fast food because it is considered more practical and hygienic due to food wrapped in packaging… Read More »

Red Pistachios vs White Pistachios

In addition to almonds and walnuts, pistachio nuts are now much favored as a superfood. In fact, the variety of American food manufacturers vying to get food with a taste of pistachios. Up to now the number of pistachios worldwide consumption also continues to skyrocket. But not many people know what it’s pistachios? Not even… Read More »

Pine Nuts vs Pinon Nuts

The world seemed to look there are two types of pine is known and consumed special seeds, known as Pine Nuts vs. Pinon Nuts. Often likened to even be considered the same only different in layout of letters from the names of these nuts, Pine Nuts and Pinon Nuts soon will we make the comparison… Read More »

Whole Grains vs Refined Grains

While this type of healthy foods have become a trend among the public. Many types of food that may have been unknown to you before, but now appears in a healthier version. Examples are whole-grains, or the more popular with the name of the whole grain. In addition to whole grain, refined grain or processed… Read More »

Lentils vs Split Peas

Bean is one of the sources of protein and carbohydrate for the body because it is nutritious energize all day with sugar levels constant. So either Lentils vs. Split Peas can replace the role of nutrition from meat. Now, let’s discuss the difference between the 2 phenomenal beans but rarely also known by most people,… Read More »

Kimchi vs Sauerkraut

This fermentation technologies continue to be developed in order to make food last longer and tastes delicious. This development began there as early as 6000 b.c. by the Babylonian population. As it turns out, the lactic acid fermentation is beneficial because it will make food so more resilient similar decay of Microbiology and the formation… Read More »

Red Lentils vs Green Lentils

Lentils or beans lentil plant is classified as nuts and legumes, and is part of the legume family. The lentils themselves just as nuts in General, i.e., they are grown in pods or shell, in which each shell contains two pea seeds. But lentils itself has a distinctive shape, that resembles the shape of the… Read More »