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Serrano vs Poblano

Talking about Serrano vs Poblano peppers, both are popular in the world of Mexican chilies. They are staples in the kitchen and popular in sauces, salsas, and well beyond. But beyond these uses, how similar are these two peppers. Does one pack a bigger punch? How do their flavors compare? It will reveal below. Serrano… Read More »

Serrano vs Iberico

Talking about Spanish food, there is nothing so iconic like the famous Spanish ham. Spain produces some 40 million pounds per year, but basically there are only two types of ham that are cured: Jamón Serrano, which is literally translated as “ham from Sierra or mountains” (most of which comes from the Landrace type of… Read More »

Turkey Bacon vs Pork Bacon

Everyone loves smoked meats. Right now, you can find meat everywhere. For many people, the aroma of bacon frying in a pan is pure heaven. Bacon is eaten with breakfast food and as a herb in a salad, but there are fears of fat content and unhealthy high sodium. Many companies get the word, and… Read More »

Cashews vs Peanuts

There are many types of snacks that are commonly consumed, one of them is nuts. Nuts contain a variety of types and flavors, nuts is one of the healthy snack food and also delicious, Between the two types of nuts, Cashews vs Peanuts there are advantages and uniqueness of each, here will be reviewed on… Read More »

Taco Bell vs Del Taco

One of the most favorite Mexican snacks that available in the U.S are Tacos. Casual Mexican restaurants such as Taco Bell and Del Taco are among the favorite taco restaurants by consumers today. Here are the things you ought to know when choosing Taco Bell vs Del Taco. Taco Bell Taco Bell is a fast… Read More »

Arrowroot vs Corn Flour

For those of you who love to cook, definitely need a variety of materials that should be available in your kitchen, not with the exception of flour. Especially for those of you who like to be creative with cakes and are looking for a type of quality flour that can add taste of your cuisine,… Read More »

Green Vibrance vs Amazing Grass

If you are looking for a green superfood with good quality from its product, it is usually being added to your food in term of supplements for diet. It usually contains more vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, so that this product can be too amazing way for us. How to use them? You can just… Read More »

Genoa Salami vs Sopressata

In recent years, there has been a lot of processed meat in a variety of shapes and preservation with the aim so that it can be processed meat consumed with practical and easy. So, if we want to add the processed meat at a makananm, we don’t need struggled to process meat from beginning to… Read More »

Jamon Serrano vs Prosciutto

Italy and Spanyol with their sincerity on the food industry from their traditions. Traditional foods treated with seriousness, while maintaining originality and a series of process. It is also done on the processing of preserved pork even up to 2 years. The processing part of the pig’s body is the Jamon Serrano and Prosciutto. Two… Read More »

Canadian Bacon vs Regular Bacon

Bacon is meat taken from the back, side, or pork belly or from cows which are then marinated (curing) or smoked (smoking). The bacon comes from cows, usually called beef bacon. Bacon often consumed to the slices or chunks on a sandwich and also to be consumed at breakfast in the morning with an egg… Read More »