Whole Grain vs Whole Wheat

Lots of breads are labeled “wheat” or “multigrain,” but these words alone (without the word “whole” attached) can be misleading. If you don’t see the word “whole” on the package, it means the bread might not be made from the entire kernel. If you still confuse, then read the fully paragraph of Whole Grains vs… Read More »

Figs vs Dates

Some people mention a number of fruits by modern science is defined to prevent certain types of disease. Fruits that give supplements on the human body, also taste good. Of various kinds of fruit, there are some who belong to rich drank including figs and dates. Not many people are consuming, because it is rarely… Read More »

Chili Pepper vs Jalapeno

Chili is the ingredients most widely used in the country. Not only does the giver chili spicy, as well as appetite enhancer. The chili has a very varied form, ranging from the red pepper, cayenne pepper, and green pepper. Maybe you just know over this type of Chili, without realizing the many other types of… Read More »

Kimchi vs Kombucha

Currently, food fermentation, become one of the preferred food of the community, no exception vegetable fermentation. Vegetables that have been through the process of natural fermentation with a marinade of vinegar and/or salt like pickles (pickles), sauerkreut or kimchi cures is good for health. And don’t miss the drink called Kombucha. We will discuss two… Read More »

Skyr vs Greek Yogurt

Lately almost every shopping center we can find special booths selling yogurt. Pleased to provide probiotics (good bacteria) make a lot of people are fascinated. But don’t get the wrong choose yogurt, instead want the healthy instead will remove the benefits of good bacteria that then made we risk experiencing diabetes. Due to the added… Read More »

Pine Bark Extract vs Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is actually a trademarked name for pine bark extract. There is little to no difference between Pine Bark Extract vs Pycnogenol in terms of composition or effects. You may use pine bark extract and either pycnogenol to help treat a variety of medical conditions, including chronic venous insufficiency, retinopathy or erectile dysfunction. But, before… Read More »

Farina vs Oatmeal

Some people who were undergoing diet program or heart disease sufferers choose oatmeal to their breakfast menu every day. Some goodness contained in the cream of wheat and oatmeal are believed to be able to give a good effect also for health. Cream of wheat is often also called Farina. How to cook an easy… Read More »

Serrano vs Habanero

Serrano vs Habanero chilies or peppers are growing in popularity among mainstream grocers nowadays. But, beyond the available size and also color differences, what do you need to know about them two? How different are these two chilies in fact? Does one trump the other in heat? And the last one, are the flavors similar… Read More »

Farina vs Semolina

Farina vs Semolina, the differences sometimes are being the biggest question from the statements and comparisons. All readers from this page often comes to here to clarify what are the answers from the question of differences. Let us make a deal with this enough hard subject, especially for those who are not insiders, then you… Read More »

Mayo vs Miracle Whip

Another one of life’s big decisions when it comes about food is Mayo vs Miracle Chip. Of course because of their shape. They look the same but actually the fact is they are different quite a bit as far as sweetness and calories or fat are concerned in our body. In this article is how… Read More »