Banana Peppers vs Pepperoncini

By | December 19, 2019

Two chilies that are perhaps among the biggest causes of confusions are indeed Banana Peppers and Pepperoncini. The colors, the looks, and even the heat levels of the two are broadly similar to each other. Not only the average home cookers but also supermarkets and even professionals say that distinguishing these two chilies apart can be tricky. Both taste great. However, they taste slightly differently from each other. So, continue reading to find out the differences between Banana Peppers and Pepperoncini, and to determine which one is best for your dishes!

Banana Peppers vs Pepperoncini 1

Banana PeppersPepperoncini
- Have a heat level ranging from 0 to 500 SHU - Have a heat level ranging from 100 to 500 SHU
- The skin is often smoother and thicker- The skin is often wrinkled and thinner
- The end edge is pointier - The end edge is more bulbous
- The taste is mild, sweet, and tangyThe taste is also mild and sweet, but slightly tangier and a little bit more bitter

Banana Peppers vs Pepperoncini 3

Banana Peppers vs Pepperoncini 5

Banana Peppers vs Pepperoncini

For some addition of heat into your foods, you can indeed use either of the two chilies. For pickles, however, Pepperoncini make the better choice than Banana Peppers due to the tangier taste. Pepperoncini also add the perfect tang and sizzle to pizzas and sandwiches.

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