Black Raspberry vs Blackberry

By | August 31, 2016

It is an open secret that there are a lot of people and even companies believing black raspberry and blackberry are the same. Considering that the two fruits basically come from the same family and genus, a.k.a. they are genetically similar, the confusion is fair enough.

Black Raspberry vs Blackberry 1

However, black raspberry and blackberry are different. There are subtle details that set them apart. Below, you can find the differences and comparison between the two fruits.

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry vs Blackberry a

Black raspberry, often called as blackcap by farmers due to the fruit coming clean off the bush without any plug, is a small, black-colored raspberry with very tiny white hair. Because of the absence of the plug, it is hollow inside. The individual cells are small and don’t protrude far out from the center.


Black Raspberry vs Blackberry b

On the other hand, blackberry is a rather large berry with large single cells that protrude out significantly. Unlike black raspberry, blackberry contains the plug where the fruit attaches to the stem. The fruit appears glossy because of the bigger protective hair.

Black Raspberry vs Blackberry

Black RaspberryBlackberry
- Has no plug; the center is hollow- Has the plug attached
- Relatively smaller, with small cells- Relatively bulkier, with larger cells
- The surface is covered by white hair, not glossy- The surface is glossy due the bigger hair
- The taste is unique, fruity and tart, but less sweet- The taste is sweet and less tart
- Contains a lot of antioxidants and anthocyanins- Is also healthy, but contains less antioxidants and anthocyanins

Black Raspberry vs Blackberry 2

So, in general, black raspberry is better than blackberry because of the richer nutrients. It also tastes better. Anyway, both are healthy fruits. Black raspberry is hollow at the center and smaller, while blackberry has the plug at the center and is larger.

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