Bojangles vs KFC

By | December 20, 2019

Fast food or fast food is known for its choice, especially for those living in urban areas. Not had time to cook at home because of the flurry of reasons are quite reasonable. There is also a select restaurant fast food because it is considered more practical and hygienic due to food wrapped in packaging which is nice. In addition, the fast food restaurant offers a variety of interesting promo package is certainly tempting. Fast food restaurants had a menu mainstay that characterizes and distinguishes them with another. For example, a restaurant popular with Bojangles fried chicken and rice. In addition, there is a KFC that have a wide range of choice of chicken and other menu for example drinks and fries. Then, if the comparison between the Bojangles vs. KFC, which one would you guys choose? Especially they both Outrank menu fried chicken, which is better?


Bojangles’ restaurant started dreams of Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas, two operand veteran restaurants that are expected to increase consumer demand for good food served in a fast-paced environment. They are based on their concept of three attributes: distinctive taste, high-quality made-from-start products and festive design of restaurants with friendly service. And in 1977, their dream came true in the form of the first Bojangles’ Restaurant in Charlotte, NC.

KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of several American brands that can boast of rich history, for decades of success and innovation. It all started with one cook that created the world famous recipes soon-to-be over 70 years ago, a secret list of herbs and spices scraping behind the door for the kitchen. That cook is Colonel Harland Sanders, of course, and now KFC chain restaurant for the world’s most popular chicken, specializing in Original Recipe® the same as Extra Crispy chicken, home-style sides and buttermilk biscuits. There are over 20,500 KFC outlets in over 125 countries and territories worldwide. And you know what? There is still a chef in the kitchen at every last one of them, freshly prepared delicious family meals, complete with affordable prices.

Menus on Bojangles

The Bojangles’ menu has changed much less than its competitors for nearly 40 years the chain has mostly stuck with the core trio of fried chicken, biscuits and sides. Physically, Bojangles’ are very much cookie cutter fast food restaurants, usually in brick accented buildings with cream color schemes and orange trims and awnings. Inside you order at the counter of the overhead menu display and get food to eat on a plastic table on a plastic tray, or to go in paper bags and cardboard. Bojangles’ serves breakfast, thanks to the great focus on the biscuits, but this limited all-round breakfast menu is in a great variety, that you will not find any pancakes, breakfast fajitas, bagels or English muffins here.

Review about foods in Bojangles

Unlike many fast-food joints, “made from scratch” means everything, all the time. The chicken is delivered fresh daily (ie not frozen), and each runs through a 12-hour long and 8-step marination, hand-finished breading process. And the recipes of Fulk’s biscuits just were not delivered, ready to throw in the oven. Bojangles’ executive Vice President Eric Newman says a new batch of freshly made biscuits is made every 20 minutes. “Biscuits are an art form,” he told Nashville’s post in 2011. “This is a highly respected position in our restaurant.This is a delicate, delicate process to manage.” The key to their famous biscuits is not just the ingredients, but the dough. “There’s no right way to press down to the dough, and all, but it’s a secret,” one executive told The New Yorker in 1982. Added Bob Raspanti, then-Director of the company’s Master biscuit maker Training Center, “This is like a painting You can do it with numbers, but it’s not the same, you have to understand.”

Menus on KFC

The company’s flagship product, the Colonel’s Original Recipe and Hot Chicken, Crispy & remain the tastiest fried chicken according to various surveys of consumers in Indonesia. Superior product understandable if KFC high quality can be accepted either in Indonesia, a country with the consumption of chicken meat is much higher than other kinds of meat. In addition to presenting a flagship product, KFC also satisfies the tastes of local consumers by offering a menu of options such as Frikadeller, rice, Salad and sweet corn, as well as other products such as Crispy Strips, Twister, and Spaghetti, very well received by our markets. To give added value to consumers, quality and efficient combination menu like KFC Attack and Super Hot always offered. The development of the brand through the introduction of new products, advanced products, and cheap package promotions the merrier (permanent or limited time) contributed greatly to the growth of KFC KFC brand differentiation and boost competitiveness.

Review about foods in KFC

KFC is certainly famous for its fried chicken flavour As we know there are 2 variants of the fried chicken flour sold at KFC. Name one Original Recipe, and the other Hot & Crispy. The size of the Original Recipe fried chicken does look smaller than the Hot Crispy &, but that is because the flour used is not as thick as Hot so the flavor from Crispy & seasonings are more outgoing. Delicious. Even the flavour feels up into the meat. Any soft and sticky rice. Still in a period of chicken with cheese topping on Hot and Cheesy Chicken, KFC back gives new innovations in its products. “The most special chicken” now give you an option to consumers to enjoy a KFC chicken crispy with barbeque sauce. Barbeque sauce used in this product are taken from the sauce on one of favorite products, namely KFC consumer Rice Bento Box American Barbeque, so it feels are familiar. Barbeque sauce though is not a new product, but the combination between HCC and chicken barbeque sauce which became a signature of the KFC is giving something really new so should try by KFC chicken connoisseur.

- Bojangles does not have wide branch of the restaurants in the world- KFC is widely known in all over the world
- Bojangles is known for the chicken crispy- KFC is known for the best chicken
- Bojangles is also known for biscuits- KFC is also known for the drinks variety


Bojangles vs KFC – When it got so expensive, we just stopped going there and also have gotten take-out chicken from Bojangles several times, of course you will really like it. It might cost a whole lot less than KFC, has a lot more flavor, and is not as greasy as KFC’s food. Overall, all you can taste on the KFC chicken now is salt, whereas Bojangles has a very nice and spicy flavor to it. They also have larger and better tasting biscuits, and they give you free ice tea if you are a senior. So, for me, Bojangles chicken wins with no questions about it.

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