Bojangles vs Zaxby’s

By | January 27, 2020

Do you like the chicken sandwich and fried chicken? If yes then you probably have tasted a lot of chicken products out there. There are many delicious fried chicken out there, but is the product give the health standard when made? That’s better become one of your consideration as a lot of fast food usually have a terrible side effect in the long term. But the most important thing in choosing your food is the taste. Here is some delicious chicken sandwich which maybe can fit with your appetite. First one is the Bojangles, Bojangles is one of the well-known chickens in the United States, it has a pretty big name considering that sometimes Bojangles is often compared to big names like KFC, Popeyes, or Mcdonald.

In this case, Bojangles comes with their newly invented product which is the Bojangles Chicken and Biscuit French Fry Seasoning. This seasoning is a shortcut for you who wants to consume fried chicken but doesn’t want to mess up with the health problem. With this, you can make your own standard while still having a good and nice flavor. The next product is the Zaxby, Zaxby chicken has been a famous brand which is well known for its chicken fingerz. The chicken fingerz is simply fascinating while other commodities become the compliment to complete the combination. So if you are interested to see which one is more delicious, let’s see the comparison below.


Zaxby is well known for its chicken fingerz which brings warm, slightly greasy and juicy texture. The taste feels so right as if you get a crisp outside and juicy texture inside. You can feel the chicken right inside. To sum it up they even put a great onion and garlic aroma which is mixed with a little bit sweet. Unlike most chicken, the salt level is far from the standard level salt. Maybe Zaxby is thinking more about the health problem as many people usually don’t suit with too much salt. On the other hand, Bojangles is more unique than the Zaxby; it has the attractive chicken filet which is spreading the taste through your mouth with little bit spice, the spice makes Bojangles becomes spicy which is good for you who loves spicy food.

Other Aspect

Another aspect like the price is on the same par here whereas both is the very affordable product. You can buy both without needing to think too much about the price. You also can get these items in many states easily. Bojangles itself is pretty good with its filet biscuit whereas Zaxby is good with its chicken fingerz. So you need to see the condition if you want to eat which one.

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Each Zaxby and Bojangles have their own advantages, and they offer a different kind of approach for the customers. In this case, if you love more spice in your chicken, you can choose the Bojangles, you can get the usual salty taste and crispy texture, but if you prefer the more flexible taste with less salt, then you can get the perfect texture chicken with Zaxby.

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