Canadian Bacon vs Ham

By | January 9, 2020

Have you ever thought of paying keen attention on Canadian Bacon vs Ham to distinguish the difference apart from looking at the shape? Many associate the close relationship between the two by considering the ingredients involved in the making. Differentiating and naming of Canadian Bacon and Ham matters more from which part of the world one lived. Canadian Bacon is more like ham but thin line that separates the two is argued from where the bacon is gotten.

In the US, if you order Canadian bacon, you will notice that it is prepared from the loin of pork while ham is made from other specific parts of the leg. Maybe thigh or from the pig’s rump. The case is different in Canada, but the Bacon is almost the same where streaky bacon is from pork belly. The method of making a ham or Canadian Bacon and what part of pork meet denotes the difference.


Both Ham and Canadian Bacon have similar taste, appearance, and share natural texture despite comparing on where it is gotten. Ham mostly is composed of shank, butt, and takes original cuts from parts of the leg. Ham can be made from primal sliced cuts, chopped chunks or prepared in the complete form without being cut or chopped. On the other hand, Canadian Bacon is gotten from pigs back loins, and it can only be sliced.


It is conclusive that the difference is understood from where the Bacon is obtained from and the spices added in the making. The close similarity emerges if the pork is chopping is the same and same ingredients are used.

Canadian Bacon vs Ham

Canadian BaconCanadian Ham
- Canadian bacon is prepared from the loin of pork - Ham mostly is composed of shank, butt, and takes original cuts from parts of the leg
- Canadian bacon is gotten in sliced form only- Ham is gotten in diced chunks, slices, and whole form
- Does not contain honey or sugar - Contains honey or sugar



Most restaurants across the US approaches Canadian Bacon vs ham in a way that would tell ham is half or a quarter of Canadian Bacon. That is why cafes and restaurants advertise that they have Canadian Bacon in their Menu to make it clear to customers it is not ham giving them preference to order either Canadian Bacon or ham. From the method of preparation and where Bacon is cut, Canadian Bacon is the most preferred.

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