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Erythritol vs Stevia

It’s hard to figure out which sugar alternatives is the best option, especially if you try to limit yourself to a more natural alternative. Both organic based products, Erythritol vs Stevia have its benefits, but are only consumed in limited quantities to limit the risk of side effects. If you would like to know more… Read More »

Sucralose vs Aspartame

Hearing the name of artificial sweetener tucked in the mind is something less healthy. In fact, let alone artificial sweeteners, consume excessive sugar alone risks bringing diseases such as diabetes. Moreover, artificial sweetener? At least, that stigma is embedded in most people’s understanding. So, how to choose a safe artificial sweetener? Between Sucralose vs Aspartame,… Read More »

Shea Butter vs Cocoa Butter

Beauty products and body treatments that we usually know are chemical products. Chemical products are widely known and used by many people because the process of usage is quite easy and has many options. In addition to chemical products, body care can be done with natural products. There is a wide range of natural products… Read More »

Coconut Oil vs Mct Oil

Lately there is an awful lot of misinformation especially on articles on the internet that write about Coconut oil and MCT oil. Walalupun has the same basic material i.e. coconuts, Coconut and MCT oil is in fact different both in terms of benefits, flavor, and price. Therefore, this article aims to those of you who… Read More »