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Domino’s vs Pizza Hut

Domino’s and Pizza Hut are close rival, we all know that these two restaurant chain are continue to do better than their rival. Most of us ever try their pizza at least once in our life. Both of them are so famous that almost everyone ever heard of them. You can also find them pretty… Read More »

Spaghetti Squash vs Pasta

Have you ever heard of the word spaghetti squash? Are you interested to know is it the same as pasta or it is actually different? if you are interested to know more, then you should read this article, because we will give you information about spaghetti squash and how it differs from regular pasta. In… Read More »

Cheeseburger vs Pizza

Cheeseburger and pizza is two of most popular food that you can find easily almost anywhere all around the world. Both of them used cheese as one of their main ingredients. If you are currently curious about both of them, in this article we will give you a brief explanation about cheeseburger and pizza. In… Read More »

Vermicelli vs Spaghetti

Vermicelli and spaghetti is very common and popular to be consumed as a main course in our dinner or lunch. They look quite similar and indeed just pasta made in different forms. If you are having a trouble differentiating both of them, then you need to read this article. In this article we will give… Read More »

Rice Noodles vs Pasta

Are you a fan of pasta? Are you consuming it too often and started to worry whether it is healthy to do so or not? If your answer is yes then you should read this article, we will compare pasta with rice noodle as a healthier substitute. In this article we will give you information… Read More »

Penne vs Rigatoni

Are you a fan of pasta? Do you prefer richer sauces over the light one? If your answer is yes, then Penne and Rigatoni must be familiar in your ears. These two types of pasta is very common served with richer sauces such as all’arrabbiata and beef sauces. Penne and Rigatoni is commonly mistaken for… Read More »

Quinoa vs Pasta

Have you ever heard about Quinoa? This seed is gaining popularity in recent years because it’s healthy source of nutrition. Quinoa contains amino acid, which our body can’t produce by itself. Aside from its nutritious content, Quinoa is also versatile, practically it can be made into various dishes. When talking about versatility the Italian staple… Read More »

Noodles vs Pasta

Noodles and pasta have different origin and history. Both of them are widely known as the food icon of their respective origin. Pasta and noodles is very popular and being consumed by people from different regions. In some places the term noodles and pasta is somehow interchangeable, commonly happened in western cultures. However these two… Read More »

Pasta vs Macaroni

Pasta and macaroni, many of us must be very familiar with these two Italian originated staple food. Who doesn’t love the rich flavor of ragu combined with pasta and the creamy savory of macaroni and cheese. These dish is very popular worldwide and consumed by people from different generations from children to elders. However there… Read More »