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Marinara vs Spaghetti Sauce

The major point in the topic of marinara sauce vs spaghetti sauce we all would know if we Google it is that Marinara is a kind of tomato sauce and the latter is a simple one used for spaghetti or pasta. Being an ordinary Italian by origin, Marinara Sauce is too popular in the canon… Read More »

Splenda vs Sweet N low

In the world of sugar substitutes, two contenders stand out: Splenda and Sweet N low. Splenda is an artificial sweetener called sucralose and made using a process that changes sugar so it does not contain calories as well as carbohydrates. Sweet N low is an artificial sweetener called saccharin and discovered in the 1800’s. Below… Read More »

Chives vs Green Onions

Almost every cooking of the world involves some sort of seasoning ingredients derived from the family of onions. These ingredients are crucial in crafting a rich and palatable flavor. Among the abundance of types, chives and green onions are among the most common ingredients used in the cooking of various cuisine cultures. For sure, chives… Read More »

Martini vs Dirty Martini

Everybody loves cocktail. The alcoholic beverage combines multiple ingredients to produce such a rich and unique taste. There are various coctails in the world, but one of the most widely known cocktails in the world is of course martini. However, martini alone is even available in several recipe variations. A popular variation is dirty martini.… Read More »

Garlic Clove vs Bulb

Garlic, alias Allium sativum, is a vegetable that has been used for human consumption since the ancient time. It has been long a staple in the Mediterranean region, a seasoning and flavoring agent in Asia, Europe, and Africa, also a traditional medicine. In cooking, garlic is used more often as cloves, though it is also… Read More »