Chicago Style Pizza vs New York Style Pizza

By | March 13, 2018

Who doesn’t love pizza, we agree that this Italian dish is delicious and loved by many people from children to elders. Do you know that pizza has different types? If you are interested then you should read this article, because we are going to talk about two types of pizza that is very famous, they are the Chicago style pizza and New York style pizza.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Chicago style pizza and New York style pizza
– What is the difference between Chicago style and New York style pizza
– Chicago style pizza vs New York style pizza

About Chicago Pizza
Chicago pizza or Chicago style pizza term is referred to several types of pizza that was developed in Chicago. The most popular pizza among them is the deep-dish pizza. This pizza is baked using a pan that able to give this pizza it’s characteristically high edge, which will give larger space for cheese and chunky tomato sauce inside it. The Chicago style pizza aside from prepared using deep dish method, it also prepared as stuffed pizza.

Taken from Wikipedia, there is no clear record on who is the first invented the Chicago style pizza, the most popular believe is that it was invented at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago back then in 1943. However this was proven wrong with an article on Chicago news, which stated that the Uno pizza was developed by Rudy Malnati. What differ the dip dish from any other type of pizza is similar to the name it comes with, it has a very deep crust, which make the pizza very thick and look more like a pie rather than a flatbread.

How it was made
Deep dish pizza is baked using a round steel pan that resemble a cake or pie pan than the common pizza pan. Before the pizza is placed in the pan, it have to be oiled first to allow for easy removal later and also to create a fried effect on the outside of the crust. Aside from ordinary flour the dough can contain cornmeal, semolina or food coloring, which will give the crust a distinctly yellowing color. The dough then pressed at the inside wall of the pan to form a wall of a very thick layer of toppings.

The thick layer of toppings in deep dish pizza require longer time to bake, this will make cheese or other toppings burned if they were placed at the top of the pizza. This is why in deep dish pizza, the toppings are assembled “upside down” from their usual order. The crust is covered commonly with mozzarella cheese and then followed by various meat, such as pepperoni or sausage, also some vegetable like onion, mushroom, and bell peppers. The finishing layer is uncooked sauce, made from crushed canned tomatoes. Sometimes extra parmesan is sprinkled at the top layer.

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About New York Style Pizza
New York pizza is pizza that has a special characteristic comes from its thin crust, the crust is thick and crispy only along its edge, while the pizza is very soft, thin and pliable beneath its toppings, until it can be folded in half to eat. The most traditional and simple toppings is mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. The New York pizza is originated and evolved in the early 1900s and was derived from Neapolitan style pizza from Italy.

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How it was made
The traditional New York style pizza is commonly hand tossed and the toppings is very simple, only consist of a light layer of tomato sauce with dry grated full fat mozzarella cheese. If some additional topping is being used, then they are placed on top of the cheese. The New York pizza is commonly have a diameter around 18” and can be cut into 8 slices. Because of its size, these wide slices is often eat as fast food while fold in half eaten by hand. Folding it also make the oils gather up in the crease so it will be easy eaten with one hand.

New York style pizza is easy to distinguish from the high gluten bread flour the dough was made from. This pizza is very famous in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, however you can find it throughout the Northeastern region and beyond. Outside those area the New York Style pizza generally do not fall into the category to be called as New York style pizza in its native area.

As it have said above, Chicago style pizza and New York style pizza is different. You won’t be having a hard time when comparing both of them, since their appearance is very easy to distinguish. The traditional Chicago style pizza is very thick and look more like a cake or pie rather than a pizza, which is usually flat. While New York style pizza is thin similar to common pizza, but the dough is thinner compare to regular pizza. The topping on both of them is just as different, the Chicago style or deep dish pizza has abundant toppings and is almost impossible to be eaten neatly without using plate fork and knife. At the other hand New York pizza has thin layer of toppings and can be easily eaten with hand.

Chicago style pizza vs New York style pizza

Chicago Style PizzaNew York Style Pizza
- Is far thicker than New York style pizza- Is far thinner than Chicago pizza
- Has an abundant of toppings- Has less toppings
- The toppings is put upside-down- The toppings is placed at the usual order
- Eaten with plate, knife and fork- Eaten with hand

There is no pizza is better than the other, what makes them tastier is only the preparation and your personal taste. Just make sure to consume them in moderate amount, since they are not count as a healthy food.

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