Chili Pepper vs Cayenne Pepper

By | September 18, 2017

Chili is included in the plant family Solanaceae, namely Solanaceae. The species name is chili plant Capsicum sp. Types and varieties of chili plants very much. In the article this time we try to elaborate on the differences, benefits, flavor, and any other relevant information regarding Chile Pepper vs Cayenne Pepper. There will be no winners, but in the end the paragraph we’ll explain where chilies you should select appropriate Favorites and your needs.

chili pepper vs cayenne pepper

Chili Pepper
Do not be bored on review about chili since the latest one about Chili Pepper vs Jalapeno. Continue again with Chili Pepper. The Chili Pepper is the fruit and the plant genus Capsicum. The fruit can be classified as vegetables or seasonings, depending on how it is used. As a spice, spicy chilies are very popular in Southeast Asia as a food flavor enhancers. The chili Pepper is very popular among the public especially its very beneficial to one of the ingredients can also be used as a controller of cancer. Much of the content is owned by Chile Pepper, such as calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, calcium, vitamin B1, A, and c. Chile Pepper can also be grown easily so that it can be used for daily needs without having to buy it in the market. If left well enough alone in room temperature, Chile Pepper will last about 1 week. To turn it into a delicious meal, chili pepper plain functioned as the main ingredient to make chili sauce, sauteed in extra seasoning, beef rendang, stews, as well as various other archipelago cuisine. Chile Pepper can even be used as a healthy drink if mixed with ginseng and honey, or become a garnish in a variety of dishes in the country and abroad.

Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne Pepper is a plant that is cultivated to be taken the fruits. In addition to Indonesia, he was also growing and popular as a seasoning in other Southeast Asian countries. In Malaysia and Singapore he named Chile rice, siling labuyo in the Philippines, and Thailand in phrik Genghis’nu. In Kerala, India, there are traditional dishes that use cayenne pepper kanthari mulagu and named. The fruit can be changed from green to red. But many people who love the Cayenne Pepper when they are still green. Its shape is small and short. However, if you eat it will arise a very pungent, spicy flavor reaches 50,000-100,000 Scoville scale. Cayenner Pepper as a seasoning and can be consumed in a State directly eaten after the fruit is picked then cleared or is also processed along with the cuisine. Cayenne Pepper also has the ability to help lose weight. This is because the spicy capsaicin in cayenne pepper will burn fat, and remove it together with the sweat. Can also prevent heart attacks as well as relieve a sore throat. For mixing Cayenne Pepper in cooking, simply cut it into small pieces and then a little to bring out the flavor of gerus spiciness, then pour the gravy dishes.

Chili PepperCayene Pepper
- The colours are mostly red- The colours are green, red, yellow, and orange
- The taste is hot and bitter- The taste is only hot
- The shape is long and thin- The shape is short and fat
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In addition to the different size between Chili Pepper vs Cayenne Pepper, there are a lot of factors differentiating between the two chilies. Chile Pepper has advantages in its color which can make the dishes more red, but has a slightly bitter taste. While the Cayenne Pepper has advantages in that it feels even more spicy and not bitter than red chilies.

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