Chives vs Green Onions

By | December 26, 2019

Almost every cooking of the world involves some sort of seasoning ingredients derived from the family of onions. These ingredients are crucial in crafting a rich and palatable flavor. Among the abundance of types, chives and green onions are among the most common ingredients used in the cooking of various cuisine cultures.

For sure, chives and green onions look similar. A lot of people often use the two to substitute each other when one is not available. Even so, you should be aware that chives and green onions are not fully interchangeable because they have each own distinct properties.



Chives are a herb, having a species name of Allium fistulosum. The stalks are the part that is commonly used for garnish and flavoring agent, with the green blades being typically long, thin, and hollow. Chives have a very delicate onion flavor.

Green Onions


On the other hand, green onions have a species name of Allium schoenoprasum. The bulbs are often used in cooking as a whole ingredient. Green onions have long green stalks with small white bulbous bulbs. The flavor is mild, but slightly stronger than chives.

Chives vs Green Onions

ChivesGreen Onions
- Allium fistulosum, thrives in summer and spring- Allium schoenoprasum, thrives in early spring- Can be used raw or cooked
- Have green blades that are long, thin, and hollow- Feature long green stalks and white bulbs
- The onion flavor is very delicate- Have a mild onion flavor, slightly stronger than chives
- Typically used as flavoring agent or garnish- Can be used as a whole ingredient or a flavoring agent
- Usually used raw- Can be used raw or cooked



So, chives have a very delicate flavor, often used raw as garnish or flavoring. Meanwhile, green onions feature a slightly stronger flavor, used raw or cooked as whole ingredient or flavoring.

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