Chives vs Scallions

By | December 19, 2019

Cooking is something that is learned with time and experience. Putting the right herbs and spices, with the right amounts, are often the key to creating unique, distinctive flavors in dishes. However, we may find some difficulties if we don’t have a very good idea about the herbs and spices used in cooking. Chives and scallions become excellent examples. A lot of people and beginners in cooking often get confused when distinguishing chives and scallions. Below, you can find the comparisons between chives and scallions.

Chives vs Scallions 1

- Acquired from the plant Allium schoenoprasum, the smallest member of the Alliaceae family of onions- Also known as green onions and spring onions. Include a fistulosum, a chinense, and a cepa
- The leaf is thinner- The leaf is thicker
- Flavor is milder and is lost when cooked- Flavor is stronger and can be retained when cooked
- Best used in raw form- Can be used both raw and cooked

Chives vs Scallions 5

Chives vs Scallions 3

Chives vs Scallions

Indeed, sometimes, chives and scallions can be used interchangeably and to substitute each other when one is not available. However, you are now aware that chives are milder and best used raw, while scallions are stronger and can be used either raw or cooked.

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