Chorizo vs Salami

By | December 19, 2019

Eat the most delicious indeed sausage along with bread or rice. Can be used as a side dish or snack. Generally made from beef, chickens and goats. The taste is savory and tender, chewy textured. In Europe there is a sausage that tastes spicy. Processed meat this one made from the meat finely chopped plus spices. Wrapped with material that is made from the intestines of synthesis. Synthesis of these natural materials can be eaten with sausage. The process of preserving the sausage is easy, simply by drying process. What is his name? Chorizo Salami vs., there are 2 variants that will be mutually compared because they are similar and often confusing consumers who will buy it. Here is the review more.

Product Description of Chorizo

Chorizo is a kind of pork sausage originating of the Iberian Peninsula. His name is sometimes spelled wrong became “choritso”, the sausage is usually very fresh, so it should be cooked before being eaten, but in mainland Europe it is sometimes sausage is fermented and dried and smoked beef, so it can be cut and eaten directly. Spain chorizo and Portuguese Chouriço is very popular due to the process of curing and the bright red color because of the peppers. Sometimes the chorizo is made spicy or regular flavor, spiciness depending by the amount of paprika used. In Europe there are hundreds of variants, some are smoked, given garlic even there also are mixing with herbs and other ingredients.

How to Cook Chorizo

· Sauce: Saute garlic and onion until fragrant. Stir in ground beef. Stir until it changes color. Add the tomatoes. Saute until wilted
· Enter the barbeque sauce, paprika powder, salt, and black pepper. Mix well. Cook until thick. Lift and set aside.
· Skin: dissolve instant yeast and warm water. Add the granulated sugar. Mix well. Let stand 10 minutes until frothy.
· Mix the flour and yeast to instant solution. Knead well. Pour a little water – a little while till it combined.
· Stir in olive oil and salt. Knead until elastic. To be rounded. Put in a basin then sweep olive oil. Let stand 1 hour. Shrink dough.
· For the two parts. To be rounded. 0.25 cm thick milled.
· Place it on a baking sheet sprinkled 26×26 cm thin wheat flour. Prick dough with a fork.
· Oven with fire under a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius 10 minutes until half-cooked. Brush the skin with the sauce. Sow mozarella cheese. The above toppings of cheese ingredient nomenclature.
· Oven with fire under 200 degrees Celsius temperature 15 minutes until cheese is melted and browned.

Benefits of Chorizo

Consuming 3 ounces of chorizo increases intake of protein by 14.5 grams. It provides about a quarter of the daily protein requirement for an average 150-pound individual, according to the Iowa State University extension. Proteins help to keep your tissues strong, form part of the blood, maintain your body’s hormonal balance and play a role in the functioning of your immune system. Chorizo serves as a rich source of vital minerals, including selenium and zinc. Selenium protects your cells from damaging free radicals by activating antioxidant enzymes, and helps you make thyroid hormones. Zinc plays a role in cellular communication, your cell membrane maintains and activates nearly 100 essential enzymes for your health. Chorizo also contains a lot of sodium and fat. Each 3-ounce portion of chorizo provides 33 grams of total fat, including 12 grams of saturated fat. Eating foods high in saturated fats can threaten your health, increasing your risk of stroke and heart disease, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Product Description of Salami

Salami is a food the sausage is usually made from beef or pork. Italy people wear a mix of beef and pork with fat and spices. The shape is smaller than bacon. Its diameter is about 6 cm and reddish brown colored with flecks of fat white. Now, this processed meat beef mixture wear only. It is sold in the form of slices. Can be used for stuffing sandwiches, pizza toppings, soups or other dishes. Additional material salami after cows/pigs, among others, is the salt, pepper, garlic and vinegar. The shape is smaller than bacon. Its diameter is about 6 cm and the color is reddish brown with flecks of fat white. Now, this processed meat wearing meat mixture. It is sold in the form of slices. Can be used for stuffing sandwiches, pizza toppings, soups or other dishes.

How to Cook Salami

· Shop for tool makers/sausage filler. This tool will help the filling layer of sausage. Small cutting tool can pinned on top of the kitchen counter or other surfaces and you need to rotate the crank to put stuffing sausage into the wrappers of sausages.
· Insert the plate that was used into the dishwasher immediately, with a goal to reduce the possibility of contamination. Wash any equipment that is in contact with raw meat.
· Buy 1 kg of chopped pork shoulder. You can also buy pork shoulder and mill yourself if you have a meat grinder.
· You can cut some fat back at home, but you need to buy it from the butcher.
· Sprinkle the meat with spices Patty and 3 cloves of garlic that has been pounded before.
· Prepare your sausage cutting tool. If you don’t want to do it, buy natural sausage wrappers from the butcher or through special food stores on the internet. Then, tie a knot at the last sausage wrappers when all dough meat have been exhausted.
· Hanging your Chorizo from the ceiling over the next 1 to 3 months.
· Lastly, Cook by using the grill, oven or wok after chorizo preserved. You can separate the sausage and use it separately.

Benefits of Salami

It is full of saturated fats that help in curing cardiovascular disease. They can also help in reducing unwanted weight and obesity. Salami is rich in sodium and iron which helps in boosting the immune system and improving RBC. Also, it contains Vitamin B12 which helps in making your brain healthy. And Salami also provides potassium, calcium and vitamin d A serving of salami contains 19 percent of recommended daily intake of phosphorus, an essential mineral for the production of DNA and RNA. Serving also provides 15 percent of the zinc your body requires daily, as well as 9 percent of the iron and 7 percent of the potassium you need. Eat bacon, and you take 1,890 mg of sodium. Even if you are perfectly healthy, the amount of sodium can be potentially dangerous, it may elevate your blood pressure and cause water retention. You should limit your sodium to 2,300 mg per day; aim for 1500 mg or less if you suffer from heart problems.

- Chorizo is made from pork with paprika- Salami is made from pork
- Chorizo comes from Peninsula- Salami comes from Italy
- Chorizo has red with white dots color- Salami has red and brownish color


There are several different types of both Chorozi vs Salami, but generally Chorizo comes uncooked and it is much softer like sausage and highly seasoned with chili powder and vinegar. Moreover, it is often taken out of the casing and fried, after that combined with eggs or sprinkled as a seasoning too. On the other hand, Salami is fully cooked and can be wet or even dry style but, it is harder and can be sliced. We hope our conclusion helps you a lot!

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