Club Soda vs Seltzer Water

By | April 6, 2017

Carbonated water is water into which carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved. Carbonated water is also become the main ingredients for long drink and cocktail or you can drink it directly. Most carbonated water is sold in ready to drink bottles as carbonated beverages such as soft drinks. The well-known brand of carbonated soft drinks are Club Soda and Seltzer Water, you can find them at the groceries stores and malls. Sometimes a lot of people confuse about the differences between Club Soda and Seltzer Water. Is there any ingredients that make them different? Or are they different just in the name? Read this article for further information and battle review about them.

Club Soda vs Seltzer Water

Club Soda
Club soda is one of the many carbonated water in which carbon dioxide gas has been pressurized under some conditions and dissolved. The ingredients for Club Soda include Plain water and mineral-like ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, potassium sulfate, and disodium phosphate and the results will be a distinct taste. From them, Club Soda hopes that their product will be different from any other carbonated water (with adding no sugar). Sometimes people claim that Club Soda is similar to Soda water although they are actually different. You can drink Club Soda everyday because it is everyday drinking-water and you can combine it with other drinks to make a perfect refreshing cocktail.

Seltzer Water
Seltzer water is quite similar to mineral water provided by nature, the only difference being that it is artificially carbonated without addition of any minerals. Amazingly, Seltzer water also has a medicinal used to relieve stomach upset and remove stains knowing that the ingredients of this water are just plain water with adding carbon dioxide inside. It produces very clean tasting, although this is the most common variety of carbonated water to be “flavored” with other ingredients like citrus. But, in uses, Seltzer is similar with Club Soda. It can be everyday drinking-water and you can combine it with other drinks to make a perfect refreshing cocktail.

Club SodaSeltzer Water
- More carbonation than other club sodas - Club Soda
- A few grains of Himalayan salt for extra suppleness- Zero Calories
- Crafted to complement great spirits - makes the best tasting cocktails - Refreshing and crisp
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Club Soda and Seltzer Water are very similar to each other, but there must be difference between these water. One of them is in Club Soda, they are adding minerals as the ingredients while Seltzer did not do the same. Therefore, the taste will also feel different. Regardless, you could still swap one for the other without really being able to pick up on a difference of taste.

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