Dried Plums vs Prunes

By | December 20, 2019

A plum is a fruit coming from the subgenus Prunus. The juicy fruit has a groove running down one side and a single smooth hard seed. We already know the real fruit, yet, we may get confused with dried plums and prunes.

We may have heard that prunes are actually dried plums. So, is it correct to assume that prunes and dried plums are the same? Well, it is not always correct. Below, we will see why prunes and dried plums are not always the same.

Dried Plums

Dried Plums vs Prunes a

Dried plums are plum fruits that have been dried. The term ‘dried plums’ has been used by FDA officially since the year 2000, replacing the previously used term, ‘prunes’, which has negative connotations there. However, dried plums include any kind of plum fruits that has been dried. So, you can call both dried Italian plums and dried Japanese plums as ‘dried plums.’


Dried Plums vs Prunes b

On the other hand, the term ‘prunes’ was used in the US to refer to dried plums before the year 2000. Outside the US, both ‘prunes’ and ‘dried plums’ are frequently used, as ‘prunes’ doesn’t have the same connotations in Europe as it is in the US. In the US, ‘prunes’ is associated with constipation. However, the term ‘prunes’ refers to specific types of plums. Usually, prunes are dried plums of the European types. Dried Japanese plums can’t be called prunes, because they have different taste and are not partially reconstituted like European plums after the drying process.

Dried Plums vs Prunes

Dried PlumsPrunes
- The term is used in many countries and officially in the US since 2000- The term is no longer official in the US, though still frequently used
- The term is generally more acceptable- The term has negative connotations in the US associated with constipation
- Include any kind of plums that has been dried, both European plums and Japanese plums- Refer exclusively to European plums that have been dried

Dried Plums vs Prunes 2


So, prunes and dried plums can be different. Prunes are usually European plums, whereas dried plums can be used to refer to both European plums and Japanese plums.

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