Dry Mustard vs Ground Mustard

By | September 22, 2017

Mustard is one of the specialties of Europe. There is a yellowish color and some are browned. Made from mustard seeds are crushed. It is usually sold in a bottle shaped like a thick jam. It tasted slightly spicy with acid accents. After the service, save the rest in the refrigerator in order to hold longer. Mustard is divided into two types namely Dry Mustard vs. Ground Mustard. Made of the same material would not necessarily make them equally would be everything. There are some differences that you guys should know below.

dry mustard vs ground mustard

Dry Mustard
Dry Mustard is a widely known product used in ancient times. Thanks to a helpful drug, which is used in traditional medicine, and cosmetology. Scientists believe that regular use of mustard on a regular basis (in food) increasing the amount of gastric juice and normalize the digestive tract. The composition of these products contain saturated fatty acids and unsaturated, and vitamin A and E, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin. In addition, the seeds contain sodium, potassium, magnesium iron and phosphorus. Calorie content of these products is 378 kcal per 100 g. In addition, the powder of the mustard seed is used to treat colds. For example, all known mustard plaster, which was used to warm the chest when coughing. In addition, hot foot baths are prepared from powder to help fight off the cold and get rid of the common cold. By the way, the dry mustard powder can easily be poured into the Socks (and wear it 2-4 hours). Mustard powder is beneficial for hair. This is used to wash instead of shampoo. To prepare the products you need to dissolve three tablespoons of dry powder into a glass of warm water, then apply it to the scalp and rub it gently for five minutes. After this, wipe with clean water.

Ground Mustard
Ground Mustard is made form of viscous fluid in the form of a paste or sauce is yellow or brownish yellow with a sharp flavor, made from the seeds of the mustard mashed before diluted with water, vinegar and other ingredients such as flour. Mustard sometimes has a very strong flavor and when eaten excessively can cause people who ate the tears, makes the mouth was hot and stimulates the respiratory pathways. Some people need several times tasting mustard before accustomed and able to enjoy the flavor of mustard, even though many also do not like. Ground mustard is made supposedly first made the Romans who blend the juice of grapes (must) and mustard seed already mashed. The results in the form of a flavoring called mustum ardens or “must spicy”. Mustard is used as a flavoring dishes containing meat, particularly cold meats such as ham. French people love to eat steak with Dijon mustard which has a strong flavor. Mustard is added when you create several types of sauces such as mayonnaise, vinaigrette and barbecue sauce. Sauces for salad dressing that uses vinegar and olive oil often use mustard as flavorings.

Dry MustardGround Mustard
- Dry Mustard is not Ground Mustard- Ground Mustard is Dry Mustard
- Dry Mustard is made by ground mustard seeds- Ground Mustard is made by ground mustard seeds
- Dry mustard comes as a dry power in your spice isle- Ground mustard is a type of mustard in a jar
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Dry Mustard vs Ground Mustard are different ways of contrasting the same thing. Dry mustard contrasts prepared mustard which is mixed with liquids like wine or vinegar. Ground mustard contrasts with whole mustard seeds. Ground mustard is always dry, and dry mustard is usually ground because if it were whole, you wouldn’t be able make it prepared.

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