Figs vs Dates

By | February 11, 2020

Some people mention a number of fruits by modern science is defined to prevent certain types of disease. Fruits that give supplements on the human body, also taste good. Of various kinds of fruit, there are some who belong to rich drank including figs and dates. Not many people are consuming, because it is rarely found and seen on the market. But, in comparison, where fruit figs vs dates better?


Figs or also known as figs, is a type of fruit that originated in West Asia. Figs has a smooth skin texture, crunchy, and chewy meat. The uniqueness of the figs this one is when the fruit is black, then the creature will be increasingly sweet taste. There are two types of fruit in the figs, namely dried fruit and wet fruit of figs. Dried fruit figs, 6 x more calories than fruit figs wet. Figs also has higher levels of fiber compared to other vegetables or fruits. One of the dried figs contains two grams of fiber. Already an inadequate 20% of the recommended daily intake of us. The Figs is a fruit that is good for hypertension sufferers consumed or high blood pressure. This fruit has an intake of potassium and minerals that can help to control hypertension. Studies have shown that regular intake of figs may help reduce the 34 percent risk of breast cancer after post-menopausal. In addition, figs have anti-diabetic properties that can help you lower your blood sugar levels. Figs leaf extract also good for consumption when the empty stomach in the morning. More amazingly, this fruit can stimulate the secretion of sex hormones so it serves as a sexual dysfunction drug.


Dates that have another name Phoenix dactylifera is a plant of palma in the genus Phoenix and mostly in Western Asia or the Middle East region. The fruit is known by the name of the fruit of the date palm is commonly consumed as sweets, mainly in the fasting month. The fruit of the date palm is divided into 3 main groups, namely the soft, semi arid and dry. Dates are often food for Iftar. Some results of studies mentioned that Palm is excellent as the food energy Enhancer. In addition there are many more benefits that can be felt by the body through the fruit of the date palm. Dates contain minerals that are beneficial to the health of the body. The function of the mineral in general i.e. make heart rate the more regularly. In addition to this role to maintain the nervous system and balance the metabolism in the body. Because potassium is not stored in the body and many lost through sweat, so it needs to be supplied from food. The vitamins contained in the fruit of the date palm, among others, vitamin A, thiamine (Vit B1), riboflavin (Vit B2), niacin (Vit B3), and Pantothenic acid (Vit B5) in quantities that are reliable. In addition there is also the content of vitamin C and vitamin e. fruit not only, but also the seeds of the dates has its benefits. The way is with dried it then roasted peanuts and pounded until shaped like coffee beans and ready to be brewed.

- Figs come from West Asia- Dates come from West Asia or Middle East Asia
- Figs is rarely cooked- Dates can be eaten directly or processed in another food
- Figs has green, red, and black colors- Dates has brown or black colors


Figs and dates are rich in essential nutrients and they are believed to help lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. However, when it comes to vitamins and other sources, we think that dates are better than figs especially source of folate and vitamin A. Figs, however, are a better source of the blood-clotfigs vitamin K than dates.

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