Frappe vs Frappuccino

By | January 10, 2017

Frappe and Frappuccino are both drinks. It is important to note that Frappuccino is Starbucks’s brand name and other companies are not allowed to use it. If you are a foodie, you are in the right place. You may have tasted both of these drinks. If you haven’t tasted both then you will learn something new. Let us check out their differences and see which one wins.




We will start with the frappe. Let us start looking at it in terms of nutrition value. It has five hundred and sixty calories, twenty four grams of fat and seventy grams of sugar. I must say that this is not for those who are dieting. It is rich in calories, fat and sugar levels. This should hint that it is sweet. Let at look at it in terms of taste. It tastes pretty good and is creamy. It has minimal coffee taste too. The calories levels should have told you about the taste. The frappe cost $ 2.79. That price is quite friendly to your pocket.



Let us start looking at the nutritional value of the Frappuccino. It has Three hundred and seventy calories, fifteen grams of fat and fifty four grams of sugar. We can call this a diet drink. Its taste is not very pleasant. It is not as creamy as the frappe. It has more ice in it and also have a strong coffee taste. If you are the type who like sweet drinks this is not the one for you. The Frappuccino costs $ 4.03. This is a little bit expensive.

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Frappe vs Frappuccino

-That price is quite friendly to your pocket- This is a little bit expensive
- It tastes pretty good and is creamy- It tastes not creamy
- Has minimal coffee taste- Have a strong coffee taste


Frappe vs Frappuccino which one wins? I am imagining that you are buying these drinks so that you can enjoy every sip of it. For that reason I will go with the frappe. It more creamy and tasty. Secondly the Frappuccino is more expensive for no reason. I value my money and so I go for the one that is pocket friendly.

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