Icelandic Glacial Water Review: Refreshing, Clean, and Pure

By | January 22, 2020

Naturally, you will love a glass of fresh water in your morning. But you must know that today’s water is rarely fresh and not contaminated water. Along with the development of technology nowadays, the pollution is also increasing rapidly. So today’s generation will probably suffer a lot of dangerous diseases when drinking this contaminated water. There have been a lot of efforts by the government to overcome this problem, but none of it is a very successful one. So instead of using the water from your tap, why don’t you try this one? Icelandic Glacial Water. This product is made special for this problem. It contains the natural and fresh water which is controlled by the Icelandic company. Many of the factors like the pH level, the nutritional value, and even the taste are controlled perfectly. So if you want to get to know more about Icelandic Glacial Water, let’s see the explanation below.

Icelandic Glacial Water Review


Icelandic Glacial Water is coming from the beautiful majestic landscape of Iceland, the Icelandic Glacial. Just note that this product is made from the underground water which is hardly getting any contaminations. Just for information, underground water is mostly used as daily consumption water. It is because underground water contains very little pollutants and not mix with other substance. The example of mixed water is the sea water which is already mixed with the sea content and taste salty. That’s why Icelandic Glacial Water is sourced from the underground Olfus Spring which replenishing naturally. This legendary Sring was formed from a massive volcanic eruption 5,000 years ago. Shielded by an impervious layer of lava rock, surrounded by a 128,000-acre exclusion zone, the Spring is constantly replenished by a continuous filtration of rainfall and snowmelt over uninhabited and untouched lava fields.

Taste and Quality

You must notice that all the water type is really difficult to be defined one by one, so that’s why you need to group it based on its place and the pH. In this case, Icelandic Glacial Water has pH level around 8.4 which is indicating that the Icelandic Glacial Water is having more alkaline than other water. It also shows that Icelandic is having base characteristic and not acid. Noted that the usual tap water generally falls between pH 6.8 until 7.2, which is not great for your body. Other than that the Icelandic has an amazing taste with some little sweet and pure freshness in it. It is pretty much similar like drinking a cloud or snow which is very hard to be explained.


Icelandic Glacial Water is probably the most efficient fresh water out there, because not only the cost is moderate, it has very amazing taste, and also healthy for your body. Maybe you are still considering the tap water as your choice, but Icelandic Glacial Water is the alkaline water that is worth the try.

Specifications of Icelandic Glacial Water
July 2007 in the United States, and distributed by 9th Street Beverages, Anheuser-Busch’s non-alcohol beverage subsidiary.
Super-premium, carbon-neutral certified bottled water.
Taste Profile:
Clean, crips, refreshing taste
Using the highest quality materials which the bottle is available to be recycled

Pros of Icelandic Glacial Water
– Natural and with high pH 8.4 alkaline
– Naturally pure of any metal, pesticide, pharmaceutical, or other impurities
– Certified as carbon neutral
– Environmental-friendly, the packaging uses recycled pet plastic and cardboard

Price of Icelandic Glacial Water
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