Icelandic Glacial Water vs Fiji

By | March 6, 2017

Water is an important aspect of our daily life. Life beings like the human cannot stand too long without water. But with the development in industrial and technology, the quality of water are polluted. This problem makes that consuming a fresh and natural water become a rare case. That’s why many companies are trying to invent a water product which can give us a natural water with many nutrients in it. There is two water product which has an excellent track-record. One is Icelandic Glacial Water, and the other is Fiji Water. Icelandic Glacial Water is made specially from the natural and fresh water which is then controlled by the Icelandic company. Icelandic is controlling all its water factor like the Ph level, nutritional value, and even its taste. On the other hand, Fiji is America’s leading imported water. Its water products have been known widely for its value and quality. So with a big name between these products, it is kind of interesting to learn more about these two, so let’s see the explanation below.

Icelandic Glacial Water vs Fiji

Icelandic is made from the beautiful majestic landscape of Iceland, the Icelandic Glacial. This Glacial is an underground which provides a pure and fantastic water and hardly getting any contaminations. The water source itself is named Olfus Spring which can replenish naturally. This is a legendary spring which is made from a massive volcanic eruption 5,000 years ago. The spring is barely touched by any contagious substance, and the pureness is trusted by many people. On the opposite, Fiji water is not as flashy as Icelandic, but still, it is a pretty remarkable product. Fiji company is not as good as we think, though, it has changed owners from time to time. But the quality of its water is still pretty good as the water is taken from one of the biggest underground reservoirs in California’s Central Valley.

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The performance of the water is marked from many factors. The factors like taste, pH and even the nutrition are very valuable. Icelandic is quite a fantastic water product; this is proved by its performance which is superb in these three aspects. Icelandic Glacial Water has pH level around 8.4 whereas the usual tap water has pH around 6.8 until 7.2. The pH is showing that the water quality is very good as the bad water usually has more acid than the base characteristic. The Taste itself is sweet and purely fresh which is fantastic. On the opposite, Fiji Water has a pH level around 7.7, this pH level is very close to the tap water level, but it is still a pretty high one. The taste is fantastic and going very smooth through your mouth. As the alkaline water, Fiji is probably still one of the best out there.

Icelandic Glacial WaterFiji Water
- Naturally occurring, highly desirable and uncommonly high PH 8.4 alkaline - Great for ongoing hydration throughout the day
- Naturally free of heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides or other impurities - Bottled from a natural artesian aquifer in the remote Fiji Islands
- Icelandic glacial is the world's first bottled water to be certified as a carbon neutral product and operation - Beloved for its soft, smooth taste

It is a close one, but the winner is the Icelandic Glacial. This is because Icelandic Glacial is better in pH level and the company is very serious about controlling its quality, whereas Fiji’s company is getting quite a problem with its water source and the company performance. But as an alkaline water, both are probably your best choice out there.

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