Johnnie Walker Blue vs Black

By | January 10, 2020

To the lovers of whisky, the Johnnie Walker brand is a household name. It is one of the most famous whisky brand and it has a very large global market. Having lived for a little over two decades, the brand still manages to retain its pride, quality and its unique taste. Originally from Scotland in the 1800s, the brand is now consumed almost everywhere in the world.

Currently, the Johnnie Walker brand has five varieties; Blue, Green, Black, Gold and the Red labels. Its White label was discontinued several decades ago. Although these varieties share a lot of similar qualities, they also exhibit a number of differences. This article compares the Johnnie Walker Blue vs Black labels.


The Black label was introduced in the market in 1870 while the Blue label was introduced in 1881. In terms of popularity, the Black label has continued over the years to retain its authenticity and uniqueness, placing it in a position to outsell all the other varieties. It is a combination of more than forty of Scotland’s smoothest and richest whiskies. It can be consumed raw, with ginger ale, soda or with water.


Unlike the Blue variety, the Black variety is taken as a long drink. In terms of maturity, the Blue label is matured more than the Black label. As such, the Blue label is richer and smoother. It is also a blend of grains and malts which are exceptionally rare. In terms of taste, the Blue Johnnie Walker has multi-layers of different flavors and smoke aroma that is subtle with some sweetness hint. It is also hand crafted and as such, it is extremely expensive. The Black Johnnie Walker is sugar-free and as such, it has no hints of sweetness. It is also relatively cheap.

Johnnie Walker Blue vs Black

Johnnie Walker BlueJohnnie Walker Black
- Blue Johnnie Walker is extremely expensive - Black Johnnie Walker is relatively cheap
- Blue label was introduced in 1881- Was introduced in the market in 1870
- Blue label is much richer with smooth blend using exceptionally rare malts and grains- It can be consumed raw, with ginger ale, soda or with water



All the Johnnie Walker whisky varieties are almost made of the same ingredients. The main difference arises based on the time the variety takes to mature. For Johnnie Walker Blue vs Black, the Blue label is the better option basing your judgment in terms of quality and maturity.

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