Kimchi vs Kombucha

By | February 11, 2020

Currently, food fermentation, become one of the preferred food of the community, no exception vegetable fermentation. Vegetables that have been through the process of natural fermentation with a marinade of vinegar and/or salt like pickles (pickles), sauerkreut or kimchi cures is good for health. And don’t miss the drink called Kombucha. We will discuss two fermented product that both beginning with K, Kimchi vs Kombucha.


Kimchi is a traditional food of Korea, one of the fermented vegetable hot spices spicy. The most common vegetable kimchi is made of cabbage, chicory, cucumber and radish. Kimchi including the staple food for the people of Korea. Kimchi every meal, always there at the dinner table, whether consumed separately or eaten with rice or noodles. Kimchi is also used as a spice when cooking soup, kimchi (kimchi jjigae), kimchi fried rice (kimchi bokkeumbap), and various other dishes. Even now the Kimchi version also present in soups, pancakes, pizza to burgers. There is a variety of kimchi for the summer, spring, fall and winter. Kimchi is believed to contain lots of fiber so it can prevent obesity, rich in vitamins A, B and C dam healthy bacteria called lactobacilli. Cabbage for Kimchi, it can produce a compound to reduce cancer risk. In addition, the Kimchi also proved can improve the immune system in the human body because of kimchi contain lactic acid. Before the processed, salted and washed kimchi. Don’t let there be some vegetable that is not submerged in salt water, as this may cause the taste less palatable and allows the growth of other microorganisms that are not desired.


Kombucha (tea mushroom liquid) is a probiotic that became popular in 2002. In Asia, Europe and the Americas, as well as drink kombucha tea, also known as drug and drank a variety of ailments. Ferment Kombucha Tea note water sweet tea that is taken away from the mother mold. Mushroom tea Kombucha is a mixture of liquid-producing some microbial form of bacteria and yeast are harmless, among others, Saccharomuces cerevisiae, candida validda, candida and pichia fermentans lambia. By some experts, mushroom tea is believed to be able to cure various kinds of diseases. Up here not in talk about is improved. However, to make Kombucha fixed through fermentation and oxidation so a reaction in solution of sweet tea in assimilate and dissimilate. EH Kombucha is loaded with B vitamins and Amino acids is useful to improve the immune system, Helps restore balance body through detoxification and increase function of the digestion. Did you know drinking a glass of Kombucha Tea means you have entered a variety of nutritious content for health to the body. Among them: enzymes and protein-forming organic acids as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and a variety of other vitamins.

- Kimchi is made of cabbage, chicory, cucumber and radish- Kombucha is made of mushroom
- Kimchi comes from Korea- Kombucha comes from Asia, Europe, and America
- Kimchi is sour taste- Kombucha is sweet


Koreans claims that just one or two tablespoons of their national enzyme/vitamin/probiotic-rich condiment, tossed into salads, spread over burgers, or even eaten on its own, can dramatically improve digestive health. On the other hand, Kombucha enhancing the absorption of minerals, particularly calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and copper. For the taste itself, they are also different because Kombucha comes in jar and Kimchi does not.

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