Lemon Extract vs Lemon Juice

By | January 28, 2020

We all know that Lemon has a thousand benefit inside the fruits. Lemon can also use in any conditions such as drink, food, or medicine. Lemon lovers might highly know about these two products of Lemon that we are going to have their reviews this time. Just in case, they are different in their processing. It is according to you which one you would prefer to use whether Lemon Extract from Watkins or Lemon Juice from Concord foods, usually both of them are using to make some foods and so on. Everything comes in Lemon and made by Lemon too. This article aims to see what makes them different or even similar to each other although actually they are both have the same ingredients from this sour fruit named Lemon.

Lemon Extract

If you love cooking and also love the smells come from such as dessert or appetizer, that is all coming from the adding ingredients of Lemon Extract on your food’s substance. The warm and cozy of its smell will bring home feeling. J.R Watkins has successed of making a product of Lemon Extract and Versatile Mixes. It is also becoming one of the most favorite products among people who loved to use Lemon Extract in daily. The main ingredients of this Lemon Extract from Watkins are 85% of Alcohol, Lemon Oil, and Huile de citron. What kind of foods that can be added by Watkins Lemon Extract? You can add it into sugar cookies, zucchini, bread, iced tea, lemon bars, lemon drops and blueberry cobbler. You will love the results because, some extracts have a soapy taste and quite good.

Lemon Juice

Before we mention the benefits of Lemon Juice, let us know about what are the ingredients of this product and of course we know that if there is a soft drink that named its product with Lemon Juice is not actually containing with 100% of Lemon fruits. Lemon Juice from concentrate which consist of Filtered water and Lemon Juice Concentrate, sodium Bisulfite and Benzoate, and Natural Lemon Oil. And next for the benefits Lemon Juice can versatile with household uses range from whitening dicolored chopping boards, can remove berry stains from our hands, can heal acne trouble, and can eliminate household odor. Therefore, Concord Foods make an innovation of a creative idea for a meal, side dish, and dessert to help you keep the Lemon Juice at the ready with easy to store and ready to use fresh Concord Foods Lemon Juice. The Lemon Juice from Concord Foods equals to the juice of 1 medium lemon and if you are going or passing the fine groceries, you will find Concord Lemon Juice near the fresh fruits and vegetables aisles. Just as easy as that.

Lemon ExtractLemon Juice
- Concentrated pure extract with true to life flavor - Lemon juice concentrate
- Made with pure oils- Healthy
- Large economical size - Lemon juice concentrate from Concord


In this case, you can only compare both of them in their functions since they have some differences on it and totally different to each other. But, something good things happen to Lemon Juice because, Lemon Juice can change the functions of Lemon Extract while Lemon Extract can not do the same thing.

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