Lucini Olive Oil review: Healthy and Well-Worth Olive Oil

By | January 24, 2020

Olive oil is a liquid fat which is obtained from olives tree. Olive oil has been known widely because of its unimaginable ability when used in cooking. You can use it in frying or salad dressing. It has become a great alternative for you who care for health. Even though of its good function for health, but a lot of olive oil have been made with the wrong method or even fake olive oil. This is probably what makes olive oil become a relatively rare, not really rare but the price itself is quite high in some countries. Though here is a promising olive oil which is made in Italia with the aid of the sun, soil, and Italian climate, the Lucini Olive Oil. This olive oil is representing Italia at its best with its approach. The olives are harvested than treated to get a Tuscan tasting profile which is green and full of pepper. So with the charm that Lucini Olive Oil gives, you probably want to know more about this product below.

Lucini Olive Oil review

Flavor and Aroma

Many of its users are giving this Olive Oil the positive or even excellent marks. Lucini is taking shape and best used for your Italian food, with its light herbal and fruity scent. You can feel the taste of lemon and sense slight lemon and zesty aroma. Its bitterness is very complicated for your tongue; you probably agree if we called it zesty because of its bitter taste. You can count on this product to cook an excellent dishes, but it is best to it in Italian dishes as it has a very suitable flavor with it.


In this case, Lucini Olive Oil is claiming as an extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is very rarely found as it is very hard to make this kind of oil. Though, with all the benefits that extra virgin olive oil gives, it is worth to buy it even with the high price. However, it is hard to 100% sure about Lucini Olive Oil being an extra virgin olive oil. The label itself is not enough to prove that all the oil that fill the bottle is created with the equal treatment. But with its big name, Lucini Olive Oil is quite a trustworthy oil. Maybe we won’t get the extra virgin olive oil in it, but at least the olive oil in it is a high-quality olive oil which is made with the high-quality standard.


Lucini Olive Oil brings us a very fantastic olive oil which is intended for you who care about health. It cannot be guaranteed that Lucini Olive Oil is extra virgin olive oil in each of its bottles. Even though like that, Lucini is still a trustworthy and well-worth olive oil which is perfect for you who can afford such high price.

Nutritional Facts of Lucini Olive Oil
Serving Size 1 Serving, about 2 tablespoons (100 g)
Calories = 60
Calories from Fat = 41
Total Fat = 4.57%
Saturated Fat 0.5 g = 3%
Sodium 350 mg = 15%
Carbohydrates 2 g = 1%

Pros of Lucini Olive Oil
– Excellent premium packaging
– Made from the best organic Italian olives
– Nice, unique flavor and aroma

Price of Lucini Olive Oil
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