Mayonnaise vs Hollandaise

By | August 8, 2017

Trying to learn to steer through the world of sauce, and add lots of arrows to your culinary vibrate: the choice of sauce can change the amount of ingredients into a number of noble dishes. The best guarantor of happy diners is egg-based sauce. Thickness, cream, and with its delicious kicks that cause the mouth to drool in the very thick, they go with anything, and a safe bet for every taste. Multifaceted, the sauce is very easy to make, but for some reason, some home cooks do. Of these, the most famous are “-aises:” mayonnaise and hollandaise. Each begins with an egg and oil (or butter) -based emulsion. A bit of chemistry as described here in form of Mayonnaise vs Hollandaise, lots of whipping, and you can make a show-stop sauce at home.

mayonnaise vs hollandaise

Mayonnaise is a sauce derived from eggs, vinegar, and oil. Mayonnaise is included in a processed food ingredient that is widely used for dressings and sauce. Mayonnaise has a yellowish white color, creamy, and savory flavor that is slightly acidic. Mayonnaise relegated to various types such as aioli mixed with garlic and olive oil mixed with tartar sauce, pickled cucumber, spicy mayonnaise mixed with chilli sauce, thousand island with a mixture of spices and pickles, tobasco or a buffalo wing, mayonnaise with mixed lime juice, and other types of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise has a high protein content. Not only is tasty on foods, mayonnaise can also be utilized for beauty. Mayonnaise can be used as a hair mask. Hair mask from mayonnaise to prevent baldness, protect hair from the Sun, and prevents hair loss as well as branching. Mayonnaise is also good to use for face masks. Mayonnaise is able to moisturize the skin, freckles, and disguise the lift as well as prevent blackheads.

Hollandaise sauce is a sauce made from egg yolks and melted butter, seasoned with lemon juice, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper or it could be (a kind of chili powder). This sauce is usually served in a dish of eggs benedict or as a sauce served with vegetables such as asparagus. This sauce become thick because of the emulsion that make the melted butter and water in orange juice or vinegar are mixed and thickened. The temperature of this sauce should be kept to below 60 ° C so that the eggs in the sauce didn’t become curd. Any cooking techniques there are several. The most common technique is to use the bain marie. Bain marie technique is also known by the term double boiler. Another technique is to cook directly over the heat. This sauce is indeed not much popular among the general public, however, if you want to know its benefits, this sauce is rich in nutrients and protein. The content of its nutrition value generates many benefits on our body at a later date.

- Sauced made from egg yolk, oil, a little vinegar into an emulsion- A cooked sauce made from egg yolk and butter, sometimes flavored with lemon and pepper
- Contain more fat- Contain less fat
- Not all mayonnaise are hollandaise- All Hollandaise is Mayonnaise
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The main difference we can find on Mayonnaise vs Hollandaise is the ingredients. Some people out there like to put some butter on their foods, but some of them also do not like butter even just for a little. If you are on those condition, you should better choose Mayonnaise as your company when you are eating your favorite snacks like chicken nugget, pizza or something else. Whom Hollandaise are for? It is for those who love the taste of combination of more ingredients which is richer than mayonnaise have.

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