Mozzarella vs Burrata

By | October 3, 2017

Who would reject if presented a pan of pizza with beef and mozzarella cheese topping that melts? In addition to the glut, the pizza was very delicious, especially coupled with the toppings-topping as you wish. In addition to pizza, it turns out that other Italy specialties also have much preferred, either in their home country or in another country. Italy food is indeed well known with its delicious, top-quality raw materials and luxury appearance. There is one that surely you guys know namely Mozarella and Burrata.

Mozzarella vs Burrata

Often called Burrata mozzarella because of the texture cream soft cheese is processed, given through the process of soaking in cream milk to increase the percentage of fat that can create a sense of tasteful teasing. But they are actually different, and all the differences that exist between the Mozarella vs Burrata will be poured directly into a form of the article below.

What is Mozarella?
If you are interested in the pizza and the lasagna is certainly no stranger to mozarella cheese. Yes, the cheese has a creamy texture and high water containing this indeed is often used in making pizza and lasagna. If you find a white topping ingredients a bit yellow which can melt like rubber in your pizza, that’s the mozarella. Mozarella cheese originally from Italy. It is named so because it comes from the original language, that is, rotated and cropped. There is, first, the cheese made from the milk of Buffalo formed round-round. Hence, their texture can be soft once. Over time, many cheese mozarella is made from cow’s milk, though indeed, is often not as smooth as the Buffalo mozarella from milk, the cheese was tasty nonetheless. Mozarella cheese sold in the form of pieces of spherical shape or beams. There are soaked in salt water and lard as well if in Italy there. In Indonesia, most of which sold mozarella from cow’s milk or box-shaped beams, which are packaged in plastic to keep the vacuum resilience. In the market, the price of cheese was pretty expensive too. (See also : Mozzarella vs Feta)

What is Buratta?
Burrata is a fresh cheese is actually a texture is very soft and smooth on the outside, yet creamy on the inside. Initially, the burrata is created from the remaining mozzarella cheese is processed again. Although from the dregs, up to now there are still many popular burrata. To add to the goal it feels regular, cheese was enjoyed with tomatoes, olives, honey and a little vinegar. In the area of provenance, burrata ball-shaped weighing between 250-500 grams and diameter of about 7-12 cm. Burrata had a very alluring scents of butter, milky flavour, with a mild sensation, here’s a bit of sweetness with it still has the flavor of mozarella ambience. Burrata is a fresh cheese with a very short shelf life, no more than 1 week. To maintain freshness, if not directly consumed once created, burrata will be placed in the water with a little salt to enrich the mind feels. Burrata is suitable directly consumed, especially in conditions of room temperature and not too cold. Try the burrata with dried bread, or as a topping for pasta dishes.

How to serve and eat
Eat a burrata, one just has to piece into the cheese ball and fill the cream will unfold, often spilled onto the plate. For the best flavor and the best texture, bring the burrata to room temperature before serving. Burrata is often served with a sprinkle of salt and olive oil drizzle. A good slice of bread can be used to scoop up burrata, or a soft cheese can spread to the crackers. The flavor is mild, the burrata cream is also a nice couple with summer fresh berries, melons, and stone fruits, melon and peach salad with prosciutto and burrata , burrata with seasonal fruit coulis, and grilled figs and burrata with balsamic dressing. Burrata should be eaten fresh as possible. When the burrata is bad, the taste is sour and will smell like old milk. In Italy, eating burrata as soon as possible may mean eating it on the same day that it is made. In the United States, you might not be as lucky, but look for a burrata that is not too close to the “Sell-by” date and ideally eat the same burrata day that you cut into it.

Mozarella cheese can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. If you want a more durable again, save the whole vacuum packaging in the air in the freezer. This way maintain the mozarella cheese up to 6 months. Usually, before use, a new cheese out of my freezer normal temperature first until silenced. Then cut into pieces and set on top of the lasagna or pizza topping. If you want to melt the mozarella cheese is more evenly distributed, can be grated first. And to appear it, make sure that the texture of the mozarella was in the Middle, not bland nor too hard. Mozarella cheese melting power is very good, so the cheese is usually used as a pizza topping, pasta bake, and schotel. Mozarella cheese provides a unique texture with the cheese flavor in every bite amply cut. And just like other cheese, mozarella cheese contains all the goodness of milk. Mozarella cheese contains calcium, vitamins, iron, phosphorus, and also the fat that’s almost 40 until 50%.

- Burrata from Italy which means buttered- Mozzarella made from buffalo milk is more mellow, deliciously melted on the tongue than the ones made from cow's milk
- Burrata mozarella cheese is ball-shaped cavities containing cream and a small piece of mozarella- Mozzarella tomato risan enjoyed with fit, without salt, oil or pepper
- Burrata fit served with dried bread or as a topping for pasta dishes- Mozzarella has many types of varient

Mozarella and Burrata are both two types of semi-soft Italian cheese with super creamy and utterly delicious. However, they have different definition and ingredients, Fresh mozzarella cheese is a semi-soft Italian cheese made from cow or water buffalo milk. On the other hand, Burrata cheese takes the mozzarella one step further which is mozzarella that’s formed into a pouch and then filled with soft, stringy curd and cream. Where you can buy them all? Fresh mozzarella cheese is widely available at grocery stores and can easily be made at home. And you can take a look for burrata in Italian markets, cheese shops, and in the cheese section of specialty grocery stores.

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