Marinara Sauce vs Spaghetti Sauce

Many of us might already familiar with the term marinara and spaghetti sauce. Somehow there is a confusion regarding these term, some people thought that marinara and spaghetti sauce is the same, while in fact it is not completely wrong. But there is a clear definition that spaghetti sauce is sauces served with spaghetti while… Read More »

Linguine vs Spaghetti

There are currently dozens of pasta available in the market today. Here in this article we will talk about two type of pasta where both of them have the same long shape but are slightly different. They are linguine and spaghetti. These type of past is very popular and can be served with many variants… Read More »

Fusilli vs Rotini

Fusilli and rotini is the two most commonly mistaken to each other type of pasta. It is not weird since both of them have similar shape which is corkscrew shaped. However fusilli and rotini is two different type of pasta. If looked carefully you can distinguish them from one another pretty easily. What makes it… Read More »

Fettuccine vs Linguine

As we know, pasta has many variants. They vary from shape, length, width, or even what kind of flour they are made from. Pasta currently sold in many countries across regions, eaten by people from different culture and generations. Pasta can be served with any type of sauces, making it easy for people to recreating… Read More »

Wet Brine Turkey vs Dry Brine Turkey

Turkey meat is a popular poultry product, especially in North America where it is traditionally consumed as part of culturally significant events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as in standard cuisine. Turkey contains more proteins per ounce than any other meat. Turkey is reputed to cause sleepiness, but holiday dinners are commonly large… Read More »

Fettuccine vs Tagliatelle

Fettuccine and tagliatelle does have a look resembling each other. Many of us might not able to differentiate both of them for one another, and know how are they actually different. Their usage in cooking is not different you can cook both of them with you preferred sauces and seasonings. But there is actually a… Read More »

Egg Noodle vs Pasta

Many people can’t differentiate between egg noodle and pasta. Some said that egg noodle is a kind of pasta, and some people said that egg noodle does not belong into the pasta family. Which one is true it is not clear. These staple foods is widely consumed by people across nations. Their preparation is quite… Read More »

Capellini vs Spaghetti

Pasta is a staple food originated from Italy and made from durum wheat semolina mixed with water and kneads into various shapes. It is commonly shaped into noodle-like form, pasta has so many variants divided into long pasta, flat or ribbon cut pasta, short-cut extruded pasta, decorative cuts, miniature pasta, pasta with filling, and not… Read More »

Bread vs Flatbread

Bread is a good source of carbohydrates, it is portable, easy to carry, and can be paired with a lot of other foods. It is recently discovered that bread might be first invented 30.000 years ago. It was found that people in ancient Egypt made bread by using a common source of leavening in antiquity,… Read More »

Cupcake vs Muffin

Sweet treats like, cakes, candy, ice cream, chocolate and any other type of desserts are sold everywhere, it is not hard to get our hand on them. Our nearby pastry and bakery sell them almost every day. There are also some people who enjoy making those sweet treats themselves, baking and decorating their sweet treats… Read More »