Palmers Tummy Butter Review: Smooth and Effective Cream

By | January 24, 2020

Having a pregnancy is a lovely thing, but getting pregnant means that your beauty body will not be like what it used to be. After the pregnancy, you usually will get stretch marks or other annoying marks on your body. And most of the female will be depressed and not wanting this because their body is one of the most important things that female have. So to prevent this, you should try this cream, Palmers Tummy Butter. It is a highly concentrated formula cream which is made from cocoa butter, vitamin e, collagen, elastin, and soothing lavender oil. The stretch mark will disappear in no time. But is this product safe for our body? And how to use it? So if you want to know more about this product, let’s see the explanation below.

Palmers Tummy Butter Review

How To Use

Palmer Cocoa Butter Tummy is best used two times every day. However, you this cream needs to be constantly added for about one year or six months for a better result. You can stop to use it if you want, but there’s a big possibility that your stretch mark will resurface because of it. The texture that it gives is the same like other cream and lotion, but it gives a strong aroma which has a strong sweet scent. Palmer Cocoa Butter Tummy is quickly absorbed by your scent, and best used as an evening cream before you go to sleep so that you don’t have to dress straight after rubbing this cream.


The overall performance is good, but there are many cases where the lotion makes your skin itchy and bring a hot sensation. This problem usually happens after you use it a couple of time. However, the side effect is not that terrible as a result is very much fantastic. You can make your stretch mark disappear after a couple of usages. That’s why the only downside it has, is that this cream makes your skin felt itchy, nourished, and moisturized. If you can battle with this feel then Palmer Cocoa Butter Tummy is an excellent product which smelt delicious and easy to be found in every market.


Palmer Cocoa Butter Tummy is a very straightforward lotion which offers a clear purpose which is to cure your stretch mark. It smelt nice and easy to be bought, but the downside is the feeling that you got is quite annoying. Though good side is that this cream is not hurting your skins at all, it just feels a little hot and itchy which is a good reason why you can use this product freely.

Key Ingredients of Palmers Tummy Butter
Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Elastin, Collagen, Centella Asiatica, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil.

Pros of Palmers Tummy Butter
– Natural ingredients
– Minimum side effects
– Effective and straightforward for eliminating stretch marks

Price of Palmers Tummy Butter
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