Parfait vs Yogurt

By | December 21, 2019

People love dessert. The course that functions to conclude the main meal helps in leaving a pleasant taste in your mouth. Some people also find that having a dessert helps in improving their mood. There are various foods and dishes often served as dessert, such as cakes, fruit salads, ice creams, also yogurt and parfait.

Talking about yogurt and parfait, people often to confuse the two with each other. Well, to be fair, the two indeed look similar to a degree. So, which one is which? Is it yogurt or parfait that tastes better and is better for our health? Let’s see below!


Parfait vs Yogurt a

Parfait is a variety of frozen dessert that may slightly differ among different countries and cultures. However, in general, parfait is made from a base of sugar syrup, cream, and egg. Furthermore, there is the American parfait, which includes layered parfait cream, ice cream, and flavored gelatin, topped with whipped cream, fruits, and liqueurs. Sometimes, parfait may be made by using yogurt, layered with granola, nuts, and fruits.


Parfait vs Yogurt b

Yogurt can be used as an ingredient in parfait. Yogurt is a food produced from the bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria, called yogurt cultures, fermentate lactose to produce lactic acid, which interacts with milk protein and thus creates the texture and consistency, as well as the distinctive tangy taste. Yogurt is sometimes served with fruits or syrups.

Parfait vs Yogurt

- A frozen dessert formed from a base of sugar syrup, cream, egg, sometimes yogurt- A food produced from the bacterial fermentation of milk
- Usually involves layers of flavored gelatins, ice cream, fruits, or liquoeurs- Can be served plain without any additional ingredients, or with fruits or syrups
- Typically tastes sweet- Distinctively sweet and tangy
- Contains high amount of sugar- Contains less sugar than parfait

Parfait vs Yogurt 2


So, yogurt is the sweet and tangy one, sometimes served with fruits or syrups, and is a great choice if you want a simple but healthy dessert. On the other hand, parfait is a little bit more complex due to featuring various ingredients, and is very sweet due to the high level of sugar.

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