Pellegrino vs Perrier

By | January 28, 2020

Mineral water is one of the most underrated supplements out there. There are too many kinds of mineral water in this world, they compete one to each other by producing their best products of mineral water. There are also premium mineral water branded Pellegrino and Perrier. These products are coming from Italia and French but have huge production in many countries in the world. What’s the difference between Perrier and San Pellegrino? Which tastes better: Perrier or San Pellegrino? The Answer will be on the bottom of this article.


San Pellegrino is the real name of this carbonated mineral water and an Italian brand of mineral water and assorted real-fruit sodas made in the Province of Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy. As the written name, this water contains some minerals and sulfate and also the taste is delicious fizzy. Sulfates make Pellegrino is different with others because, sulfates are needed in your diet. Sulfates are got from sulfur, some foods with high sulfur content are also eggs and brocoli but, you will also get it from Pellegrino that has some of the highest levels of sulfate (SO4–) water known in the world today: 459 milligrams per liter. By consuming this mineral water, you will have no calcium risk and higher oxygen levels in blood, the important thing is the bottles do not contain BPA.


Perrier is a French brand of natural bottled mineral water captured at the source in Vergeze, located in the Gard departement and you have French pronounced in spelling the name. The brand is strongly related to sports, and is recognized as Roland Garros Tournament’s historical partner, since 1928. This mineral water is known with its natural carbonate, distinctive green bottle and the level of carbonation in bottled Perrier matches that of the Vergeze spring. Perrier actually bubble beneath the source of the spring water. Therefore, to capture the gases, they are first extracted separately, then natural impurities are filtered out. The taste is almost entirely subjective, so that people will like it a lot.

San Pellegrino vs Perrier

- 33.8-ounce/1 Liter plastic bottle is the ideal size for sharing with friends- 16.9 ounce/.5-Liter sturdy plastic bottle is the perfect size for on-the-go
- Convenient 12-Pack; Great to keep on-hand for everyday dining occasions - Pack of 24 offers plenty of refreshment; fits in any refrigerator or pantry
- Imported from Italy & embraces the Italian way of living; its taste is clean and refreshing with medium-size bubbles - Imagine the crisp, tart flavor of green apple with Perrier’s unique bubbles


If you drink a lot of bubbly water, you may observe that if you open a bottle of San Pellegrino and don’t finish it until the next day, it will have a distinctively salty taste and overnight most of the bubbles will disappear. Perrier doesn’t seem to pose the same kind of problems. It is also worthwhile to note that Perrier comes from France and San Pellegrino from Italy. Therefore, if you are choosing your water according to political affiliation, Perrier is a key detail you may want to consider.

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