Pepperoncini vs Jalapeno

By | January 30, 2020

Chili is the fruit and the plant genus Capsicum. Chili is one of the favorite food for all people around the world. Actually kind of chili is very much and which we will review in the article are just two of dozens of types with an extraordinary level of spicy. The chilli named Pepperoncini and Jalapeno. Their name sounds like coming from the Italian right? But, what makes them special? What is the fundamental difference on each other? Do they share similar heat profiles? Are they used in the same fashion? To answer all of these questions, you should start by reading this article and all of the contents that is contained below. Enjoy!


Pepperoncini is a 100-500 Scovilles: Also known as Tuscan Peppers, sweet Italian peppers, or golden Greek peppers. They are sweet and mild in flavor, not very hot although they can vary and be found up to a medium heat level. The peppers are thin among 2 to 3 inches in length, have wrinkled skin and are usually sold pickled. The skin is a light yellow-green but will turn red as they mature, so you’ll find both green and red Pepperoncini’s in stores, although green is most common. Pickled are also most common, although you can use fresh pepperoncini peppers in recipes, such as pizza sauce. Often confused for Pepperoncini, Jalapeno peppers can be substituted in any recipe for that calls for Pepperoncini. The Jalapeno is spicier than the Pepperoncini and can be found either pickled or dried. Add less of the Jalapeno peppers as called for in the recipe or you may overwhelm your taste buds. (Read also: Banana Peppers vs Pepperoncini)

The Differences

Jalapeno peppers are much hotter than Pepperoncini because of Pepperoncini are very mild. Although the look of these two chilies are similar enough, Pepperoncini can grow a little longer than Jalapeno. The colors are red and green, but Pepperoncini have a more curved and tapered look, akin to an Anaheim chili while the Jalapeno has a slightly curved, pod-like shape. How about the taste? Pepperoncini is tasted a light sweetness and Jalapeno is tasted more grassy and bright flavor. The different flavors are more about the heat they deliver rather than any nuance in the fresh chili. You can find them all easily at the nearest grocery stores whether for the fresh one or pickled. And one more thing about Pepperoncini and Jalapeno that they can be subtituted each other, if you can find fresh Pepperoncini, these chilies can be used as alternatives for each other especially in fresh salads and salsas.

Pepperoncini Jalapeno
- Pepperoncini can grow a little longer than Jalapeno- Jalapeno peppers are much hotter than Pepperoncini
- Pepperoncini is tasted a light sweetness- Jalapeno is tasted more grassy and bright flavor
- Pepperoncini are very mild- Jalapeno is spicier than the Pepperoncin


You can say that Pepperoncini and Jalapeno are among the most famous on the pepper scale. To compare both of them, we know that Pepperoncini is a delicious step down the pepper scale heat ladder to the Jalapeno. And fresh, Jalapeno reigns supreme due to its close to the universal availability. In case, when you can find Pepperoncini fresh, take a chance on them as one of Jalapeno substitute. It is not a typical substitution, but that Pepperoncini sweetness, along with its mild simmer can make for some delicious eating for you guys.

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