Perrier vs Soda Water

By | December 19, 2019

Today, buying water – most particularly fizzy, carbonated water – is a little bit more complicated than ever before. There are many different labels and brands, each complaining to be the best for various reasons. But what should you do if you just want to enjoy some refreshing bubbly liquid down your throat? Which water should you mix to your cocktail? To help you decide the right water to choose, you have to first understand the different types of carbonated water available on the market. In the article below, we will discuss about Perrier vs Soda Water.

Yes, just like tonic water (see our previous post: Perrier vs Tonic Water) both Perrier water and soda water are carbonated. Nowadays, you can find various Perrier water products as often as regular soda water in cans and bottles. However, there are differences between Perrier water and soda water that may affect your preference, depending on the circumstance.

Why is the Water Bubbly?

All carbonated waters get their effervescence and bubbly texture from the carbon dioxide that they contain. Carbonation is the process of adding carbon dioxide into the liquid in question, and it can happen either naturally or through an industrial process. In fact, the source of the carbonation is one of the factors that classify carbonated waters into specific types. Other factors include the ingredients, flavors, and uses.

About Perrier Water

Perrier is actually a French brand of carbonated water products. Perrier water is an example of sparkling mineral water. So, what is sparkling mineral water? Sparkling mineral water is acquired from a natural spring or well, in which carbonation naturally occurs. Usually, such natural carbonation can happen because of the carbon dioxide gas that permeates up to the upper ground from deep within the earth. A spring or well with strong natural carbonation is usually linked to a strong volcanic activity in the past, as cooled magma tends to release carbonic acid which permeates the natural water in the area.

Perrier water is acquired from the source in the Garddépartementin Vergeze, France. It has quite a long history. The very first time the spring was recorded in history was in 218 BC, when Hannibal and his army paused in the area to refresh before continuing their trip after defeating the Romans. In 1903, Sir John Harmsworth invested in the property and also renamed it to Source Perrier, based on the name of the dedicated physician who informed Sir Harmsworth about the spring: Dr. Perrier.

Perrier water is well-known for its natural carbonation. Compared to other similar products, Perrier water has higher levels of carbonation. As a result, it has such as distinctive taste and effervescence. It is usually sold in distinctive green bottles and cans, and it is available in several flavors. In addition to the original unflavored Perrier water, there are green apple, lemon, lime, orange, and pink grapefruit flavors.

About Soda Water

Soda water is like the cousin of sparkling mineral water because it also contains minerals and is carbonated. However, unlike the natural cousin, soda water receives its carbonation and minerals from a manufacturing process. Minerals and carbon dioxide are added to the water to create the bubbly texture and distinctive taste.

The base of the mixture is plain water. The most common ingredients that are added to the base are sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, disodium phosphate, and potassium sulfate. Finally, the carbon dioxide gas is added to carbonate the liquid.

There are various soda water products on the market with different carbonation strengths and flavors. Some products may contain lots of sugar, artificial flavoring agents, and sodium. That is the reason why some soda water products are not recommended. Some companies now produce low-sugar and low-sodium soda water products to pull back health-conscious consumers.

Perrier vs Soda Water: Ingredients and Sources

The first and foremost difference between Perrier water and soda water is the source of the ingredients. As explained above, Perrier water is a sparkling mineral water. It receives its carbonation and minerals naturally. As a result, it comes with a distinctive taste and feel.

On the other hand, soda water is an ‘artificial’ product, in a sense that the carbonation and/or minerals are not added to the water naturally, instead through an industrial process in a facility. It usually contains additional sweeteners, flavorings, and preservatives. You should be careful when choosing soda water. Avoid high levels of sugar and sodium to preserve your health.

Perrier vs Soda Water: Flavor

In terms of flavor, you can notice distinctive differences between Perrier water and soda water. Because of the naturally strong carbonation, Perrier has a very distinctive flavor. It has a heavier mouth feel, and the flavor is not neutral. The unique flavor is very pleasant and enjoyable. Still, there are flavored Perrier waters that widen the range even more.

Meanwhile, depending on the product, soda water may taste milder. However, the added sugar may make it taste sweet, whereas flavorings may create more specific tastes. Compared to Perrier water, soda water tends to have a relatively cleaner taste.

Perrier vs Soda Water: Uses

Because of the strong, distinctive taste, Perrier water is more for everyday drinking. It is among the most expensive carbonated waters, and it is best enjoyed alone without any addition. It is not recommended to be used in cocktails because the different flavors will conflict.

On the other hand, soda water can be consumed for everyday drinking as well as for cocktails. You can choose unflavored soda water to mix your cocktail if you don’t want to alter the flavor.

Perrier WaterSoda Water
- Natural carbonation and minerals- Carbonation and minerals are added through an industrial process
- Strong, distinctive flavor with heavy mouth feel- Relatively cleaner and lighter taste
- Best for everyday drinking without any addition, not recommended for cocktails- Suitable for everyday drinking as well as for mixing cocktails


Perrier water is a type of sparkling mineral water. It receives its minerals and carbonation naturally. It has a strong distinctive taste, so it is best enjoyed alone without any addition. On the other hand, soda water is carbonated through an industrial process. Soda water usually has additional sweeteners, flavorings, or preservatives. Because of the relatively cleaner taste, soda water is suitable for both everyday drinking and mixing cocktails. However, try to get soda water with low sugar and low sodium levels in order to preserve your health.

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