Pie vs Cobbler

By | April 30, 2018

Pie and Cobbler are among the most favorite desserts among both Americans and Brits. Both Pie and Cobbler offer flavorful fillings with tasty pastry covers. So, what is actually the difference between Pie vs Cobbler? Well, there are several differences that set them apart.

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What is a Pie?
A pie is a baked dish which is made from a pastry dough casing which contains or completely covers a filling. A pie may be filled with sweet or savory ingredients. Pies come in various sizes, ranging from bite-sized ones to very large ones for multiple servings. Nevertheless, pies are defined by their crusts. A pie almost always has a bottom pastry base, a pastry sidewall, and a pastry top. (Read also : Tart vs Pie)

What is a Cobbler?
A cobbler is basically a filling that is made from a fruit and topped with biscuit dough. According to Wikipedia,in the United Kingdom, scones are more often used than biscuits. It is usually contained in a bowl or casserole pot.

So, why is it called a cobbler? Some people believe that it is called a cobbler because, once baked, individual bits of dough will rise and create a look that resembles a cobbled road. A cobbler may have some dough at the bottom to create a base, but this is very uncommon. The most common version only uses dough on the top.

The first difference between most pies and cobblers is their crusts. As mentioned above, a pie almost always has a bottom base, sidewall, and top. So, you can lift a pie from its container without spilling the filling. Also, pie crusts are more coherent and consistent than cobblers, as they are formed into a single continuous sheet. Pie crusts are relatively softer.

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On the other hand, a cobbler usually only has a crust layer on the top. It does not have a pastry base or sidewall. It depends on the container to keep the filling. Cobbler crusts are incoherent. There are individual bits, instead of a single continuous sheet. Cobbler crusts are relatively harder and crispier, as they are made from biscuit dough.

A pie is almost always baked in a circular pan. On the other hand, cobblers are more flexible. You can use any pan or pot to bake a cobbler. This is why pies are typically round, whereas cobblers often come in various shapes.

For the fillings, pies and cobblers are similar. Pies nowadays may use fruits or savory food items for their fillings. There are also chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, and even ice cream varieties. Cobblers also go the same way. Cobblers are often associated with fruits, but you can actually use savory food items if you want.

Pie vs Cobbler

- Baked dish made from a pastry dough casing which covers a filling- Filling that is made from a fruit and topped with biscuit dough
- Has crusts on the bottom, side, and top- Only has a crust layer on the top
- Relatively softer crust- Relatively harder and crispier due to using biscuit dough
- Coherent continuous sheet- Individual bits
- Typically baked in a round pan- May use any pan or pot

Pies and cobblers are similar that they have fillings topped with pastry, but there are several key distinctions. A pie is fully covered in pastry, whereas a cobbler usually only has a pastry or biscuit layer on the top. Pies are typically baked in round pans, whereas cobblers may use any pan or pot.

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