Pizza vs Burger

By | March 26, 2018

Fast food are very famous not only because they are fast and less time consuming, but they also taste good and addicting. Among popular fast food in the world Pizza and Burger are at the top list. If you want to know more about them, read our article below about Pizza and Burger below.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Pizza and Burger
– Types of Pizza and Burger
– Can Pizza and Burger be Healthy Food
– Pizza vs Burger

About Pizza
Pizza is an Italian traditional dish that was made with a kind of flatbread with topping at the top of it. Pizza are commonly top with tomato sauce and cheese and cooked by baking it in an oven altogether. Aside from cheese and tomato sauce, pizza can be topped with many type of vegetables, meats and condiments, they also can be made without cheese if preferred. Pizza together with Hamburger and Burrito are very popular in the U.S. Commonly Pizza are sold in fast food restaurants and in frozen cooked/uncooked form that sold in grocery store.

Similar to Pizza dishes has been eaten by people since Neolithic age. You can found records throughout history about people adding many kind of ingredients to their bread to make it more flavorful. Modern day Pizza was invented in Naples, which is the famous Neapolitan Pizza. In Italy they have a non-profit organization named True Neapolitan Pizza Association that has headquarter in Naples, the organization intention is to promote and protect the true Neapolitan Pizza.

Pizza Types
As mentioned above, Pizza is made with a kind of flatbread. The flatbread dough are made with all purpose flour, yeast and water. The thickness or textured may vary depending on the cooker. In general there are two types of flatbread used in Pizza, which are the thin and thick types. The flatbread in Pizza are called crust. The thin crust are what you can find in Neapolitan Pizza and New York style Pizza, which is also inspired by Neapolitan Pizza. The thick crust is what you can find in deep dish or Chicago style Pizza. Deep dish pizza appearance doesn’t look like a pizza but more similar to cake or pie. Deep dish Pizza topping is also layered differently from common Pizza.

Healthy Pizza
Many people are concern whether Pizza is healthy or not. As opposite of popular belief, Pizza is actually a healthy option if doesn’t made with greasy, refined flour and processed meat version. Commercial Pizza at the other side is contains high calorie and sodium and definitely not a healthy option, while it won’t affect much if consume once in a while, consuming commercial Pizza oftenly will do no good to the body.

About Burger
Burger is a type of sandwich that has one or more cooked patties in it. The patty that used in burger can be vary depending on what kind of burger it is. Patty are a round and flattened serving of ground meat or meat alternatives. The most common type of burger are Hamburger, which is made with meat patty of ground beef. Other than Hamburger, there are also chicken burger, steak burger, rice burger and veggie burger. Aside from those types, there are also Cheese burger, which is actually Hamburger with cheese inside.

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Burger Types
Chicken burger may also refer to chicken sandwich. If prepared with the same method to Hamburger, chicken burger used ground chicken or floured and fried boneless chicken to replace the beef patty. Steak patty is the common burger, which meat patty replaced by steak. Rice burger is the burger variants, which buns replaced by compressed rice cakes. Veggie burger is burger, which patty are replaced by vegetable based patty. This burger are also called the vegetarian burger.

The meat patty in Burger are placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun. The patty can be cooked with pan fried, barbecued or flame broiled. Aside from patty, burger are often served with cheese, vegetables, such as lettuce, tomato, bacon, onion, pickles or chiles, and condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish or special sauce. The bun that used in a Burger is commonly the Sesame buns.

Burgers along with Pizza and Burrito are very popular in the United States. You can find fast food restaurant, selling them in almost every corner. Despite being sell commonly in fast food chain restaurants, Burger are also offered in high end places and sold with multiple time the cost of fast food burger.

Healthy Burger
Burger are commonly considered as non-healthy food. This is true if the one you are eating is the fast food burger. If you want a healthier burger, you should make it at home. The patty that is classified as healthy is the 90% lean meat and you shouldn’t add additional fats.

Pizza vs Burger

- Can be categorized as a variant of flatbread- Can be categorized as a type of sandwich
- Originated from Italy- Originated from the U.S.
- Take longer time to prepared- Take shorter time to prepare
- The wide range of ingredients are placed as toppings- The wide range of ingredients are placed in between the buns

Pizza and Burger is equally famous, they are among the most consumed fast food in the world. Even though they can’t be classified as a healthy food, they can be healthier and pretty nutritional if cooked at home and used fresh ingredients. Seen from the way the food was prepared, Pizza does takes more time if prepared freshly. If it’s about taste, it won’t hurt to say that they are just as delicious. So you should follow your own preference.

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