Pizza vs Hamburger

By | March 21, 2018

Pizza and Hamburger are equally famous and sold almost everywhere around the world, both in fast food restaurant or in high-end places. These two foods are truly being loved by many people. In this article we will give you a comparison between Pizza and Hamburger, so you can know more about them.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Pizza and Hamburger
– What are inside Pizza and Hamburger
– Pizza vs Hamburger

About Pizza
Pizza is an Italian dish that was made with yeasted flatbread and added with various toppings, the most common topping are tomato sauce and cheese. Other than that Pizza can be topped with additional vegetables, meats, and condiments. Pizza can also be made without cheese. Modern Pizza that we know today are invented in Naples. The dish now has spread all around the world and has many variants that was affected by where the Pizza is sold to match local people taste. In Italy there is a non-profit organization called AssociazioneVerace Pizza Napoletana means “True Neapolitan Pizza Association” that was founded in 1984. The headquarter of this organization is located in Naples and their main intention is to promote and protect the true Neapolitan Pizza.

Pizza can prepared fresh or frozen, it also sold in pieces and one portion sizes slices. To keep up with consumers demand, many method have been developed to make Pizza easier to be prepared, such as how to prevent the sauce from combining with the dough and how to produce crust that can be frozen and reheated without making the crust too hard. You can also find frozen Pizza that has raw ingredients and self-rising crust. Pizza can be cooked in a stone oven, electric oven, conveyor belt oven or wood/coal brick oven.

Aside from the various toppings, Pizza also has various crust that vary widely depend on the style. To ease it, you can split them into two types, thin and thick crust. You can find thin crust on Neapolitan or New York style Pizza and thick crust in deep dish Chicago style Pizza. The traditional crust are plain, but it can be seasoned with garlic or herbs, some also stuffed with cheese.

The cheese used to top Pizza are commonly Mozzarella cheese. The highest quality Mozzarella cheese are called buffalo mozzarella and produce in the surrounding of Naples. However today you can find other cheese are also being used to top Pizza, such as provolone, pecorino romano, ricotta and scamorza. Some less expensive Pizza is using processed cheeses or cheese analogues that has been developed for mass market pizza. This analogue cheese are used to produce desirable qualities, such as browning, melting, stretchiness, consistent fat content and stable shelf life.

About Hamburger
A Hamburger is a sandwich that has one or more cooked patties of ground meat, which is usually beef that placed between bread roll or bun. The patty can be pan fried, barbecued or flame broiled, depend on the cooker preference. Hamburger are commonly served with cheese and vegetable, like tomato, lettuce, bacon, onion, and pickles. It also has condiments, such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish or special sauce. The Hamburger that has cheese on it is called Cheeseburger. Hamburger are commonly sold as a fast food in most fast food restaurants. You can also find it in high-end restaurants but the price will be a few times the cost of fast food hamburgers.

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The Hamburger that served in fast food restaurants are usually mass produced in factories and then froze to prolong its life before delivered to the restaurants. The hamburgers you can find in fast food restaurant are thin and uniform different from traditional American burger that prepared in homes or conventional restaurants which is thicker and prepared using hand. The shape of the meat patties is commonly round, but there are square cut hamburger like the one sold in Wendy’s.

Taken from Wikipedia, High quality hamburger patty are made entirely with minced beef and seasonings, this patty are called “all-beef hamburger” or “all-beef patties” to distinguish it from the inexpensive hamburgers made with additional flour, textured vegetable protein, ammonia treat defatted beef trimmings, advanced meat recovery or other fillings. Some people also add binders like eggs or bread crumbs to their patties. The common seasoning used in the patty is salt and pepper, but other seasoning are pretty common too, such as parsley, onions, soy sauce, Thousand Island dressing, onion soup mix or Worcestershire sauce.

When comparing both of Pizza and Hamburger, we already know that they are equally delicious. They are made with similar raw material but prepared with different method. Such as the flour used to make pizza crust also can be used to make hamburger bun. The tomato sauce in Pizza is indeed made from raw tomato you can found in Hamburger. The cheese in Pizza also can be found in other variety of hamburger called cheeseburger. Both of them if prepared freshly at home are equally nutritional. However store bought Pizza or Hamburger is not advised to be consume daily.

Pizza vs Hamburger

- Originated from Italy- Originated from America
- Cooked using an oven- The patty is commonly cooked in pan
- Has wider ingredients and toppings- Need lesser ingredients and lesser time preparing it

When choosing both of them, we are sure many of you already had your own favorite. Some might choose one over the other or liking both of them just as the same. In our opinion whether you choose Pizza or Hamburger, just make sure not to consume them too much.

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