Plantain vs Banana

By | September 14, 2017

Bananas are one of the fruits that are plentiful in many parts of the world. The fruit has a soft flesh of the fruit is very popular by various circles. Ranging from small children to older people liked this fruit. Any serving diverse ranging from being eaten immediately, until the juice is made or processed meals such as chips, cakes or pancakes. Because there are 2 types of bananas in the world i.e. Plantain vs. Banana, you certainly made puzzled by what differentiate them aside with the way they prepared? Here we will give the review.

plantain vs banana

Plantain is a term that refers to a less tasty banana fruit at eating immediately because it tastes less sweet. The plantain is bananas consumed after fried, boiled, burned, or cooked with other processing techniques. The plantain growing in Central and Latin America, then spread to the rest of the world, including to Indonesia. In fact all types of banana consumption derived from crosses between Musa acuminata, with Musa balbisiana. Later cultivars also appear, constituting section Callimusa among members of the cruciferous or Australimusa, with Musa schizocarpa. All of the genus Musa, originated from Southeast Asia, including Indonesia and Northern Australia. However the development of superior cultivars, good fruit table as well as plantain, it happens in Central America and Latin. Cavendish banana, fruit of the world’s most famous desk, thus was born in the United Kingdom. The plantain is larger, the content of higher carbohydrates, with low sugar levels. If in Indonesia banana processed for dessert or sweet snack, whereas in Latin America country Caribbean plantain presents & as side dishes. They use a Green Plantain Tostones, soup mix for fried parboiled and then flattened & fried again or Tamales. In Puerto Rico there is a food called Mofongo which is made from green plantain are fried and finely crushed along with other seasonings, printed in the Bowl are usually filled within & meat.

Banana is the common name given to the giant big leafy plants in lengthwise of the Musaceae. Some kind of (Musa acuminata, m. balbisiana, and m.x paradisiaca) bear fruit consumption which is named the same. This fruit arrayed in bunches with groups composed, which is called a comb. Almost all banana fruit have a yellow skin when ripe, although there are some colored Orange, red, green, purple, or even nearly black. Banana fruit as a food is a source of energy (carbohydrates) and minerals, especially potassium. The banana fruit is processed into various products, such as sale, cake, or arak in Latin America. While in Indonesia, various kinds of snacks from a banana a relatively popular among Banana to make another origin of Lampung, Sale of banana (Bandung), banana Molen (Bogor), and epe (Makassar). The Columbian people much starch for the daily menu. The menu at the restaurant an usually consists of Rice, Bean & Arepa, Chicken/Meat, Sweet/Green Plantain, Salad there is still occasional & boiled potatoes. Sugar banana is fruit sugar, i.e. composed of fructose has a lower glycemic index compared to glucose, so that’s good enough as a storage of energy due to a little bit more slowly metabolized. After working hard or think, always arise drowsiness.

- It is consumed after fried, boiled, or grilled- It is consumed in the form of fresh ripe fruit after
- The example is siam, uli, cotton bananas- An example of a banana is a milk banana, supride, cavendish
- Plaitain usually has a greenish color and yellow- Bananas are usually golden yellow
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It turns out the banana can be distinguished based on the way we consume it. Grouped in two classes, namely banana and plantain. When compared in terms of health among the Plantain vs Banana, Banana is so much healthier because it is still pure and yet other material is so contaminated vitamins and the benefits contained therein still intact. Different with plantain that might be taste better and more delicious but, lack of benefits.

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