Plantains vs Sweet Potatoes

By | February 12, 2020

White rice is one of the most widely consumed foods in the world mainly by the inhabitants of the Asian region. But it turns out that excessive rice can increase the risk of some chronic diseases such as diabetes. This is because the grains of rice into the rice has a glycemic index value a high fine can cause blood sugar levels very high. With a variety of risks caused by excessive consumption of rice and now a lot of people have a food substitute rice for a healthy diet and is very fast. The following are foods rich in carbohydrates but still tasty when consumed, Plantain vs. Sweet Potatoes.


Plantain vs Banana is an example for you that Plantain has been discussed previously, you can read it then or later. It turns out the banana can be distinguished based on the way of consuming. Grouped in two classes, namely the banana and plantain (cooked banana). The plantain or cook banana is bananas consumed after fried, boiled, baked, or cooked with other processing techniques. The plantain growing in Central and Latin America, then spread to the rest of the world, including to Indonesia. In Indonesia, known as plantain bananas to Australia, or King of the terrain. The plantain is larger, the color of higher carbohidrate, with low sugar levels. In London, the banana is the most suitable for the fried banana was Plantain. The plantain is regularly sold in India/Africa, but now several major supermarkets sell plantain also. Her place is on sexy Asian vegetables. Select a ripe plantain (ripe) in yellow light or with a little brown spots. Good again, in London, this ripe plantain is cheaper than raw (green). The plantain is the main food of the people of Africa, but they are wearing is green plantain. It’s deep fried plantain without flour and eaten along with a variety of side dishes.

Swet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are often found as foods that consumed as snacks. Sweet potatoes are also easily found at traditional market or modern market, because it has to be not too difficult. Sweet potatoes are indeed foods that are a source of calories as the benefits of potatoes, cassava and maize benefits are worthy of being the staple food. This is not difficult to plant cultivated. Food is also easy to come by in shopping centers. There are several types of sweet potatoes, among others, sweet white, purple Yam, and sweet red. White sweet potato has a texture somewhat too moise with brown skin, its colors are white. Purple sweet potato Peel dark purple colored purple and its color it tastes less sweet. Meanwhile, red sweet potato is often somewhat hard, his skin is brown orange and bright orange brown colors. But among some of the most prominent of these variants is the sweet violet, having more nutrient color than other types of sweet potato. In addition, because of its popularity the purple Yam a lot was made of processed foods like, pudding, ice cream, fresh juices, snacks and sweet violet. Sweet potatoes are considered low glycemic index and contains recent research suggests sweet potatoes can reduce blood sugar and insulin resistance in diabetics. Fibers in sweet potato makes a big difference too.

PlantainsSweet Potatoes
- Plantain has different how they cooked based on each countries in the world- Sweet Potatoes have 3 kinds of variety
- Plantain is not sweet- Sweet Potatoes are mostly sweet
- Plantain are included in banana family- Sweet Potatoes are included in Potatoe family


And this chance, the question for the conclusion will be “which is healthier food among Plantains vs Sweet Potatoes?” The answer is absolutely sweet potatoes that have more fat and protein, but still lower calories than Plantain. The taste are also better and sweeter actually. Although, the calories will change according to how they are cooked such as baked, fried, or any other food additions.

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