Red Pistachios vs White Pistachios

By | February 12, 2020

In addition to almonds and walnuts, pistachio nuts are now much favored as a superfood. In fact, the variety of American food manufacturers vying to get food with a taste of pistachios. Up to now the number of pistachios worldwide consumption also continues to skyrocket. But not many people know what it’s pistachios? Not even much that tau is also divided into two types of Pistachios, Red Pistachio vs White Pistachio. And reviews about them will soon be provided on the page below.

Red Pistachios

When the fruit of Pistachio is cooked, the shell changes color from green to reddish-yellow color. Shell pistachios natural beige-colored, but can sometimes also be red or green. Initially, the dye was applied by importers to hide stains on the skin, caused when the seed is harvested by hand. Therefore, if you find a red pistachio nuts, know the colors are not natural, but rather was given a dye. The reason, traditional farmers give the bean red color to hide the stain on the nut. Now, most pistachios are harvested by machine, so it is not necessary the tinting process, except when the consumer is asking for it. Pistachios roasted seeds can change color to red if soaked before it is baked in salt and seasoning salt or strawberry. But still, these pistachio nuts are rich in benefits such as high fiber content in pistachio nuts will make feel full longer, so they can control the appetite. Pistachios also contain monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated, but free of trans fat and cholesterol. Finally, pistachio nuts are rich in potassium and compounds that can lower the stress causes hormone levels in the body. The more content than other types of nuts.

White Pistachios

Pistachio nuts is now already quite popular and recognized Indonesia. Pistachios originated from the seeds of the fruit of Pistacia Vera that is widely grown in the Middle East, Persia, Iran, to Turkey. Pronunciation in English is Pistachio which is taken from the Persian language, namely Pisteh which means famous food. In terms of appearance, whole pistachio nuts a little bit similar to almonds though its colour is greenish. Green color makes the pistachios are often called also with green almonds, but some of them also called it as white pistachios. The look of the nut is similar to almonds but encased in hard white yellowish skin. Pistachio nuts kernels colored greenish with reddish colored layers of epidermis. Pistachio bark loud will open in the Middle so that pea seeds will peek at the middle. If pistachio nuts that are open at the edge of the skin, do not try this nut opens using teeth because her skin is really hard. Techniques to open it is to use half of the pistachios nuts to open the skin. Besides it tastes good, pistachio has a number of benefits for the body. In addition to reducing the risk of lung cancer and lower cholesterol levels. Because it is a product of import, these pistachio nuts price belongs to expensive. This nut is usually sold in plastic-plastic even tiny plastic bottles.

Red PistachiosWhite Pistachios
- Red Color in these nuts came from artificial coloring- White Pistachios name come from the content of the nuts
- Red Color aims to cover the unwanted skin area of Pistachios- White Pistachios is also known as Green
- Red Color is sometimes put by some sellers- White Pistachios is pure


Red Pistachios vs White Pistachios are the similar type of nut. It is not the matter White or red pistachios since you buy a bag or tin of pistachios. You may choose pistachios that are still in the shell, or you will be deprived of a major part of the pleasure of eating them. Select a nut whose shell is split open at one end in the most of them should be.

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