Rum vs Whiskey

By | January 10, 2020

Rum and Whiskey an alcoholic beverage, which is produced and enjoyed in countries all over the world. It is distilled and made from fermented grain mash and aged in wooden casks. Let’s start with Whiskey.

How to Drink Whiskey the Right Way?

This article is a sort of beginners’ guide to whiskey and comprises of tips as to how corn should be taken.

1. Purchase a quality product and not the cheapest whiskey brand available at the bar or liquor store

2. Add water
Some prefer to take their whiskey neat, while others take it with water or ice or other mixers. If you’re a beginner, you can dilute the whiskey with a little bit of water; the added water will keep the taste manageable while adding its taste and flavor the drink.


3. Drink with ice cubes
You have lots of ice cubes doing nothing in the refrigerator; it’s time to put them to some good use.

4. Select the right whiskey glass
If you spend on some reputed international alcohol brands, you shouldn’t also mind spending a little on whiskey glasses. Tumblers are considered the best whiskey glasses, especially when the drink is mixed with ice cubes or water.

5. Whiskey rituals
A premium whiskey India brand is likely to be high on alcohol content, and thus you better take small sips and swirl the liquid around in your mouth before you drink it.


6 Common Myths About Rum Busted

Rum is considered to be among that exotic kind of drinks. It is also referred to as the Englishman’s drink, but it has pleased a lot of palates from different age groups.

1. Rum has to be sweet
One of the biggest myths about rum is that it has to be sweet. This stems from the fact that the drink is made from sugar, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be sweet. It is the yeast that converts sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide.

2. Rum is made from the same kind of sugar
A brand that specifies the type of rum that is used on their label is a good indication since not all rum is created from the same kind of sugar.

3. The term “rum” is just a typo and means the same thing
A lot of labels have the word Rhum instead of Rum in them. This is often seen in rums that come from French-speaking areas.

- Derived from sugarcane juice or molasses - Derived from grains such as barley, rye, wheat, and corn
- Clear rums are stored in stainless steel tanks until dark rums have been aged- Usually aged in oak casks
- Rum is made by fermenting sugar cane- This is made by melting and fermenting grains of barley or wheat


4.Companies make their very own rum
No, not all businesses make their rum. There are those who purchase it from another company, usually a larger factory and then they distribute this as their own.

5. All rums are aged
Unfortunately, not all rums went through the actual aging process. Some are forced to age fast or dyed to give it that first appearance.

6. Rum is best mixed with fruit juices or other sweet beverages
Traditionally, Rum vs Whiskey has been known to be a competitive spirit that is often mixed with fruit juice in parties.

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