Serrano vs Oak Hills

By | February 13, 2020

Meat is one of the food ingredients which is often consumed. The meat is indeed the most tasty dishes, but notice the quality of the meat when purchased. The more fresh the flesh, the more delicious dishes we produce. We know that meat is composed of some sort, there are chicken, beef, sheep, swine, goats, and more. He the article this time, we will spoil you with a review of the 2 meat namely Serrano vs. Oak Hills. The fundamental difference was in sight since both come from different kinds of animals. But, for all of you who are still not guess about which meat to come up with the best quality and taste good.


Majority of serrano ham is made of the landrace of breeding white pigs or commercial breeds such as Duroc, and should not be confused with the often more expensive jamón ibérico, made of black Iberian pigs. This ham is known as a delicacy even in the time of the Roman Empire. [Citation needed] Though not expensive in Spain and the EU, the duties imposed on meat imports and exchange rates make this ham more expensive outside the EU. If available, meat can usually be purchased slices, in pieces, or as complete, bone in ham. Jamón serrano or Serrano has TSG Status. TSG certification proves that certain objective food products have special characteristics that differentiate them from all others in the category, and that the raw materials, composition, or production methods have been consistent for at least 30 years. Serrano jamón describes various ways as jamón reserva, jamón curado and additional jamón are all produced from compound-fed white pigs.

Oak Hills

Oak Ridge Hills specializes in providing superior, fresh goat meat for any occasion. Goat meat is a healthy alternative to traditional meats, and is available in various cuts to suit your needs. We currently provide many clients in the GTA and surrounding areas with healthy, slim goat meat as a weekly staple. We are also glad to provide a Halal and custom cultural service through our local, leading butchers. Benefits of consuming Oak Hills are great flavor, low in fat, low in cholesterol, and high in protein. Everyone will enjoy the health benefits, great taste, and the way the Oak Hills are raised. The specification of Oak Hill’s nutrient such as 122 calories, 2.6 grams fat, 23 grams protein, and 63.8 mg of cholesterol.

SerranoOak Hills
- Is made from pig- Is made from goat
- Come from Italy- Come from any country
- Contain more fat- Contain less fat


For Serrano vs Oak Hills, we actually confused with the best choice among Serrano vs Oak Hills, but since the taste is actually also different, Serrano is softer than Oak Hills, but Oak Hills is healthier than Serrano. We think that that is more than enough for you all guys to choose one of them. Or if you like both meats, you can also purchase them all.

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