Skyr vs Greek Yogurt

By | February 11, 2020

Lately almost every shopping center we can find special booths selling yogurt. Pleased to provide probiotics (good bacteria) make a lot of people are fascinated. But don’t get the wrong choose yogurt, instead want the healthy instead will remove the benefits of good bacteria that then made we risk experiencing diabetes. Due to the added yogurt product glucose in an amount large enough, so that it can be dangerous. Take a look at some reviews before buying a product as well as also with yogurt, accidentally here we will discuss the yogurt has 2 names worldwide between Skyr vs Gree Yogurt. Where is the yogurt with the best content? This article will answer it.


Skyr is an Icelandic cheese made from skim milk. Here in the U.S. it is marketed as yogurt and the nutritional properties are almost identical to Greek yogurt. Skyr Yogurt has a lot of benefits to our body including: it has good probiotics, it has a boost for your immune system and elevated mood at a time. It can add protein to help you keep on track for your healthy weight goals too, and then it is featured with an increase calcium intake that can lead to stronger bones and might help you to combat cancer too. Therefore, it can impress us on what they contain such as a milder flavour all ages can enjoy, two until three times more protein, and an even thicker or creamier taste. You can substitute skyr in any recipe that calls for regular yogurt, like a morning smoothie bowl, or try one of these quick tips to get more skyr in your life as the summer heats up. For example, you can freeze in ice cube trays with popsicle sticks for healthy skyr-popsicles.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt or yogurt labneh is filtered so that it produces a viscous texture between yogurt and cheese. Typical sour yogurt. Greek yogurt can be eaten away or cooked, and can be savory or sweet. Greek yogurt also could be an alternative to butter the more salubrious. Greek yogurt yogurt means in the language of Greece. Whereas, in the mostly yogurt are not filtered. To make yogurt, Greek yogurt is typically put into muslin and hung for a few hours. Underneath there is a pot to hold droplets of the liquid whey. It could be by putting sangku rice layered gauze into the basin, and then poured into the yogurt and sangku gauze. Cover with a plate and then sangku place everything in the refrigerator. Leave for a few hours. Nutrition in Greek Yougrt superior to ordinary yogurt. That’s because the protein content is higher for the same calorie calculation. An eight-ounce portion on greek yogurt contains about 20 grams of protein, nearly twice the regular yogurt. The high protein content helps to control hunger for those limiting caloric intake or manage their weight.

- It is made from skin milk- It is made from iquid whey
- It comes from United States- It comes from Greek or Yunani
- It can be used for regular yogurt or smoothie- It can be used for regular yogurt or food addition


There is a fact between Skyr vs Greek Yogurt that Skyr is made in a similar way to Greek yogurt. The difference is Skyr was a by-product of what Icelanders actually wanted: the whey, used for preserving meat and fish.” On the other hand, the fermented dairy itself was the desired end product in cuisines like Greek and Persian. If you to find out more, you can try them side by side to see how pronounced the nuances in two closely related dairy products can be.

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