Sour Cream vs Yogurt

By | May 19, 2018

Sour Cream and Yogurt are two similar fermented products of Milk. Both of them taste delicious and loved by people from all around the world. However, in present days, they are also consumed for their benefits. For you who want to improve digestive system health as well as keeping your bone strong, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Sour Cream and Yogurt
– How to make Sour Cream and Yogurt
– What Sour Cream and Yogurt can offer to you
– Sour Cream vs Yogurt

About Sour Cream
Many of you must be familiar with sour cream. This fermented products are very popular for its unique taste and often served as condiment especially in Europe and North America. One of the most popular pairing is baked potato with sour cream topping and fresh chives. Sour cream is actually a fermented cream with a certain kinds of lactic acid bacteria. This bacteria is the cause for sour cream sourness and thick consistency. The process itself also called souring.

In present day, sour cream is often found as toppings in many kind of foods. Commonly as dipping, toppings or even eaten by itself. You can get your hand on the item pretty easily since almost if not all grocery shops have them mostly in cup package. There are even snacks from different varieties out there with sour cream flavoring, such as potato chips or crackers. Besides purchasing ready to use sour cream, you can make them easily at home.

Sour Cream Making
Here is a simple recipe from allreccipes to make your own sour cream at home. First, prepare all the ingredients, such as ¼ cup milk, ¾ teaspoon distilled white vinegar, and 1 cup heavy cream. Second, mix the milk and vinegar and let stand for 10 minutes. Third, pour heavy cream into a jar, put the milk mixture and stir then cover the jar. Fifth, let the mixture in room temperature for 24 hours and chill before using. (Have a look : Greek Yogurt vs Sour Cream)

Sour Cream Benefit
Aside from being consumed for its delicious taste, Sour cream is also beneficial for our health. It is contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, which is healthier type of fat. However, the mount of these fats are still below saturated fat which build about 60% of its all over fat and this is may not be a good sign for cardiovascular health. One of the best thing in Sour cream is because it is high in vitamin A, riboflavin and phosphorus.

We know that Vitamin A is beneficial to our eyes health, immune system as well as to optimize bone growth. Vitamin A deficiencies may leads to night blindness, fertility issues as well as dry and bumpy skin. What you want to take note is Sour cream provide the vitamin in its pre-formed unlike those found in vegetables that will need to be convert first in our body.

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 is beneficial to produce energy through metabolism process of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Another benefit of the vitamin is to help fight against free radical damage in the body or as an antioxidant. Phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body after calcium and most of them or around 85% is stored in our bones. As you can guess, this mineral is playing a vital role in strengthening our bones as well as maintaining dental health.

About Yogurt
Yoghurt is one of the most popular dairy product consumed by people from around the world. This fermented food is made using milk, which then cultured with yogurt cultures. Similar to many other cultured milk products, the fermentation of lactose in Yogurt creates lactic acid and this is also the reason for Yogurt creamy texture as well as tart flavor. Globally, the milk used to make Yogurt is cow’s milk but you can practically made them from any milk.

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In some places Yogurt even made from water buffalo, goats, ewes, camels or yaks, but they are usually only available locally. You can get this fermented milk in almost every stores that also cold beverages. Yogurt mostly comes in a cup package in a creamy form, but there are also yogurt drink that have more watery texture and instead eaten with a spoon it is drink like regular juice and commonly comes in fruits flavor.

Yogurt Making
Instead of buying ready to eat or drink Yogurt, you may want to make it yourself at home since the process is very simple. Here is an easy way to make homemade yogurt. First prepare ½ gallon whole or 2% or skim milk and ½ cup commercial yogurt containing active cultures. Second, warm the milk just under boiling point and continue to stir to avoid burning and cool down the milk until warm while continue stirring.

Third, scoop a cup of warm milk and mix with the same amount of yogurt. Fourth, pour the mixture in the milk and whisk gently. Fifth, if you are using Dutch pot, cover the pot with the lid and place the whole pot in an inactive oven. You may turn the oven light to keep it warm as it sets at least for 4 hours; the longer you let it sits the thicker it becomes.

Sixth, after it reach your preferred consistency, you can cool it of before transferring into another container and keep in refrigerator.

Yogurt Benefit
When talking about Yogurt, the word that mostly comes to mind must be the probiotics. Probiotics is the good bacteria that also found in our body right in our digestive system. This good bacteria is beneficial to support or improve immune system as well as healthy digestion. There is also study that indicates probiotics may enhance resistance against infections as well as quicken the recovery. Yogurts also exceptionally beneficial for women, since there is a study which indicates yogurt may reduce vaginal infections.

As expected from milk derived product, Yogurt is high in calcium to prevent osteoporosis or increase bone density. However, you may want to check each label just to make sure about the sugar content and fat. Many brands offer put too much sugar on their products and as for the fat it is better to pick the nonfat yogurt to avoid cardiovascular disease from its saturated fat.

Now, let’s compare Sour cream and Yogurt. Both are fermented product of milk and what differs them from each other is the main ingredients, since Sour cream is made by fermenting cream or higher butterfat from milk while Yogurt is made from milk. Sour cream is often served as condiment but Yogurt is often served as desert. Their pair food are also different, Sour cream is paired with savory foods while Yogurt is paired with sweet foods.

Sour Cream vs Yogurt

Sour CreamYogurt
- Made from cream- Made from Milk
- Sold without flavoring- Some may have fruit flavoring
- Often paired with savory foods- Often paired with sweet foods
- Only available in its creamy form- Available in both cream and yogurt drink forms

All in all, the decision is all yours. Both equally delicious but some people may prefer one better and it’s only a matter of taste. Both also equally good for health, they can contain active probiotics but some may not, depend on the manufacturer, so please check the label first to make sure.

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