Stromboli vs Calzone

By | February 3, 2020

Talking about stromboli vs calzone, that a calzone is shaped like a half moon and is basically a pizza turned over while a stromboli is more tubular or loaf like and is filled with ricotto instead of mozzarella and no marinara. Here’s a further explanation of these two delicious foods.


Stromboli is closer to a sandwich than a pizza. If is commonly filled with different types of cheese, Italian meats such as capicola or salami, and for those trying to stay healthy, can fill it with vegetables. These ingredients are then rolled into a loaf and baked. Either way, the yummy sandwich developed is a type of turnover using Italian bread dough. Shaped into a square, it is filled with sauce, meats and cheese, rolled into a log and then baked. It’s filled with various cheeses and Italian meats including salami, capicola, sausage, ham, bresaola, or pepperoni. The origin of the Stromboli is a bit unclear, but it seems to date back to around the 1950s. Romano’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Essington, just outside of Philadelphia, claims their Nazzareno Romano originated Stromboli in 1950. Others claim that Mike Aquino, Sr. of Mike’s Burger Royal in Spokane, Washington, created a sandwich in 1954 with chili sauce and named the sandwich after the movie, Stromboli, starring Ingrid Bergman.


A turnover with ingredients similar to pizza, calzones were first made in Naples, Italy during the 18th century. Calzones are so easy to eat while walking or standing that sandwich-sized calzones are a popular item often sold by Italian street vendors or at lunch counters throughout Naples. They usually contain the same ingredients as pizza — mozzarella, ricotta, and tomato sauce as well as mushrooms, onions, and peppers. These ingredients are then folded over in a crescent moon shape and baked or fried. They come in many sizes, from small to huge, with an infinite variety of stuffings. Calzones in the United States are typically made from pizza dough and stuffed with cheeses, meats and vegetables. The dough is traditionally made with flour, water, yeast, salt and olive oil. First, the yeast is proofed in warm water and then all ingredients are mixed until the dough is slightly sticky. The dough is kneaded on a floured board then placed in a warm location, covered with a moist towel and allowed time to rise. Once the dough has doubled in size, it is punched down, allowed to rise again and then formed into the desired shape for the calzone.

- The origin of the Stromboli is a bit unclear- The origin of the Calzone is from Italia
- Stromboli is served with sauce on the inside of the folded crust- Calzone served with sauce on the side or on top
- Stromboli shaped like a sandwich- Calzone shaped like folded pizza


Both of these foods have different origins, shapes and filling, but that is not a weakness, just customized according to your taste. Whether you call it a Stromboli or Calzone, the result is you get a tasty and delicious Italian-inspired treat you can eat on the go.

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