Sushi vs Sashimi

By | November 18, 2016

If you often visit Japanese restaurant, you have ever heard about sushi and sashimi. Some people think that there is no differences between both of these dishes. Although both of them have same similarities, they also have some differences.


After you know about this so you can order the meal with authority. Sashimi is sliced raw meat but usually, fish such salmon and tuna and served without rice. While sushi is not raw fish but it is vinegared rice that is mixed with some ingredients, it may or may not mix raw fish.



How many calories, fiber, carbohydrate and protein in sushi, it depends on the fish or meat in it. Sushi has more calories and carbohydrate because it uses rice and some ingredients. Sushi also uses fish, that’s why sushi is high in omega 3 which are important to the healthy diet. Sushi in the traditionally way, it served and eaten as a snack or small meal. But in modern serving as meals or as appetizers. Sushi is served from two to six pieces, depend on the style and establishment. Sushi is served with soy sauce, pickled and wasabi. When eating sushi , the wasabi is used to add a bit of spice and the ginger to be eaten between bites. If you choose to use soy sauce, you only dip the part of the sushi that is fish and not the rice. You can not mix the wasabi and soy sauce together when you eat sushi.



Sashimi uses fish more than sushi, that’s why sashimi is higher in omega 3 than sushi. If you eat an authentic Japanese restaurant, you usually find that sashimi is served in the traditional serving is before the rest of the meal. In the modern restaurant, it serves as an appetizer or with the rest of meal. Sashimi is served around five pieces per serving. In the traditionally way, sashimi is served with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi. The difference from sushi is that you can mix the wasabi and soy sauce together when you eat sashimi.

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Sushi vs Sashimi

- Some varieties include raw cooked and ingredients- It is not cooked, always raw
- More calories and carbohydrate because of it uses rice- Fish sashimi is high of omega-3 fatty acids
- Common types are dried seawed containing seafood and vegetable- Common types are salmon, sea mackerel, tuna, shrimp, scallops


if you are in diet program so sashimi is better for you because sushi has some more calories and carbohydrate. Sashimi is also high of omega-3 fatty from fish sashimi. But sashimi is not cooked and it is not good for health. Parasites from raw fish will be the cause your health problems.

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