Tangerine vs Orange

By | August 4, 2016

A lot of people think that tangerines and oranges are exactly the same fruits. This belief is especially very common in countries where tangerines are more common than oranges. However, as you may have expected, tangerines and oranges are two very different fruits.

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Well, indeed, both belong to the citrus fruits. Both are basically sour and sweet, too. Yet, still, they taste differently from each other. There are also a bunch of distinctions that set them apart. Continue reading below!


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Tangerine (Citrus tangerina) is a citrus fruit that is closely related to mandarin oranges. It is typically smaller than orange, with a thinner, soft skin and easily separable rinds and segments. As the effect, it often becomes a great choice of pocket foods. Each of the rinds often has several seeds. Regarding the taste, tangerine is somewhat milder than orange, as it is less sour and has lower acidity. The tree grows to about 20 feet tall, featuring glossy leaves and aromatic flowers. It originated in Japan and China.


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Orange includes a wide variety of species that are closely related and are quite similar to each other. It originated in southern China, India, and Vietnam. The trees are evergreen and may grow to about 30 feet tall. Not only the trees, but also the fruits are bigger than of tangerine. Orange introduces a higher level acidity, along with a bolder taste of being sweeter and more sour. In addition, the skin is thicker. The rinds and segments are more difficult to separate, with generally few seeds.

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Tangerine vs Orange

- Relatively smaller, with thinner skin and easily separable rinds and segments- Relatively bigger, with thicker skin; rinds and segments are difficult to separate
- Has lower acidity- Has higher acidity
- Tastes milder and less sour- Tastes bolder; sweeter and more sour
- Has an abundance of seeds- Usually has few seeds in each fruit
- Originated in Japan and China- Originated in southern China, India, and Vietnam

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So, tangerines and oranges are different fruits. Tangerines are smaller and taste milder, while oranges are bigger and taste bolder.

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