Tart vs Pie

By | April 29, 2018

Tart and Pie are two similar dish that not only contain the same ingredients but also baked and prepared in similar way. Many people are mistaking them for each other and think that both dishes are interchangeable, while in fact it is not. With this article we will provide you with some information regarding both to help you differentiate them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Tart and Pie
– How many Tart and Pie vVariant out there
– Tart vs Pie

About Tart
Tart is defined by Wikipedia as baked dish, which consist of pastry base and fillings that is not covered with the pastry base. The pastry made into tart is commonly the shortcrust pastry that was made from fat, flour and water. Tart can be sweet or savory depend on the maker and there is no rule about the kind of fillings, but the most common filling used are apple for sweet tart or chicken for savory taste. Quiche and lemon meringue are also categorized as tart, since their filling is not covered with the crust.

Tart Variants
Today, there are numerous tart variants, but most of them are modern inventions. Popular sweet tart variants including Treacle tart, meringue tart, tartetatin, and Bakewell tart. Jam tart is also one among these popular variants and can be made with different jams with different colors following the jam used to fill them. Popular savory tart variants are quiche, which contain mostly custard filling; German Zwiebelkuchen or onion tart, and Swiss cheese tart that made from hard yellow cheese called Gruyere. Tart origin may come from Europe because the word “tart” means “pie” in French and the common thought about Tart is it was derived from pie since medieval era.

About Pie
Pie is a baked dish that commonly made consisting of pastry dough casing that wrapped thoroughly the fillings, which can be made from various ingredients whether it is sweet or savory ingredients. Pies can be categorized into three types by their crusts. Filled pie is the pie that made with pastry lining in the baking dish and the filling is placed on top of the crust without cover; this one look very similar with Tart. Top-crust pie is the pie which filling is placed at the bottom and the top is covered with the pastry or other type of covering before baking them. Two-Crust pie is the pie that enclosed the filling completely from the bottom and the top. If you are interested on other baked dish, you may want to read our article on Pizza Dough vs Bread Dough here.

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Pies Variants
Pies are available in a wide range of variety depend on where the dish come from. For example, meat pie is most popular in United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand as take away snacks. This variant is made with meat fillings like steak, steak and kidney, minced beef, minced chicken, and mushroom as well as cheese. In America, one of the most popular variant is Pot Pies that have flaky crust and bottom, also commonly filled with meat, mixed vegetable, and gravy. In North America Sweet Pie is commonly served with a scoop of ice cream and called pie a la mode.

Now, let’s compare Tart and Pie. Even though both of them are similar, you can distinguish them easily by looking at their appearance. First is the shape, pie is sloped at the side, while tart is less sloped. Second is the crust, pie crust is made with flour, salt, cold water, and lard, while Tart crust is made with cold water, flour, butter or other kind of fat, and sometimes sugar.

Tart vs Pie

- The filling is not covered with crust- The filling can be covered or not depend on the pie type
- Commonly have straighter sides- Commonly have more sloped sides
- The crust is made with a kind of fat- The crust usually are not made with fat
- The crust is dry and crumbly- The crust is flaky and crispy

All in all, both of them taste delicious and which one you choose should only depend on your taste. Tart is usually taste dryer than Pie and the crust is crumbly rather than flaky. If you prefer flaky texture you may want to try Pie, but if you prefer dry crumbly texture, you may want to choose Tart.

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